Rebuilding Occupy To Build, Connect with & Mobilize the 99% Community Assembly

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Date(s) - 10/26/2012
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

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This Community Assembly is being held to address the internal and external issues that keep Occupy from connecting with 99% as well building consolidating plans for ongoing actions happening all over the city.Despite some of the difficulties of OWS in connecting with the 99%, Occu-Evolve has also been actively involved in the neglected areas of outreach and networking between crucial working groups within Occupy Wall Street .

Out of this assembly we will be working on the creation of Solidarity statements, working relations and actions to and with groups like Money Out Of Politics, Labor Outreach, Vision and Goals, Occupy The Hood, Stop Stop and Frisk, Occupy The Pipeline, Bum Rush The Vote, FUREE (Family United for Racial & Economic Equality), New York Communities, Occupy Participatory Budgeting, 99 Pickets and all community based Occupy Movements are but a few examples of how Occupy can begin connecting with the 99%.The ongoing Boycotts and Picket of Golden Farm and Hot and Crusty as well as the stopping the ‘development’ project that may happen in Corona/Flushing Meadows Park will be discussed as well. But more solidarity actions and working relationships need to be developed.

In Part Two of Our Assembly A 10 point statement addressing the current level of functioning and effectiveness of the structures and community that OWS has created improving and/or replacing them will be presented for consenting to Assembly. This statement will be but the beginning of a revisioning process for Occupy Wall Street to assist our movement in becoming a mass movement that truly represents the 99%.

****LAST WEEK we got through PART 2 of the program and discussed DIVERSITY we will present the findings at this assembly and the next topic is DIRECT DEMOCRACY/// Everything else is a continuation from last week***

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