Protesto Brasileiro na ONU em Nova York/ Brazilian Solidarity Protest at the UN

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Date(s) - 06/25/2013
12:00 am - 8:00 pm

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Dag Hammerskjöld Plaza
47th st. and 1st Ave.

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Dear fellows,

the time of the Brazilians has come. These last weeks, we’ve have seen a lot of huge demonstrations, the officials numbers are that about one million people went to the streets, protesting against the bus fare and then for a lot of issues (in a very spontaneous form), in a way that we haven’t seen since 1992, when president Collor was taken out of charge involved in corruption scandals and in a period of a deep economic crisis.

This protests now are also connected to the rise of inflation and the first signs of crisis in Brazilian economy, as well as a deep political crisis. The protests are very heterogeneous, and for this reason had open some space for small ultra-right wing groups (some of them with explicit reference to Hitler and fascism), and they’re trying to gain space talking about “national issues”, putting them in opposition to the existence of political parties (“because they’re all the same and people united don’t need any political party”). Some of these groups have also connections with the corrupted police, and acted as part of the repressions to left organizations and activists in the demonstrations, beating, expelling and breaking their flags.

Many journalists, activists, children and old people got injured by rubber bullets of the police. And some few days ago, we received a report that counted 14 comrades of PSTU (a left socialist political party in Brazil) in the hospital because of the fascists groups attacks. The big media in Brazil is also trying to manipulate and control what’s going on, lying about reality and stimulating the sentiment of panic among the workers, as well as the idea that the population doesn’t know (and is incapable of knowing) what they want.

The left in Brazil (unions, social movements, political organizations, etc.) is now trying to organize the resistance to this reaction against this popular and spontaneous demonstrations, and to propose a progressive framework to the workers and population in general, and this process is going on just now. In this sense, all solidarity now is welcome and urgent!


Here in NYC, we’re having a great experience in this sense. We have organized in Facebook with the Brazilian community also in a very spontaneous way (but also in solidarity with Greeks and Turkish, specially with fellows from Turkey). There were already two demonstrations (June 17th and 22nd).
We’re going for our third on June 25th (next Tuesday), at 5 pm in front in front of the building of United Nations (NYC).

What are we talking about?

We think that given the plurality of political propositions (not all of them confluent now), and giving that this next days will be singularly important to the future of the demonstrations in Brazil, the best way to show our solidarity is to support the demonstrations that are taking place in the streets and the power that come from the streets. We’re also stressing that no kind of repression is acceptable, by the State forces or anti-democratic groups, as well as any kind of chauvinist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic speech. We’re also against any kind of repression to any political group that is solidarity with our fight.

Why the UN?

Some months ago, in a report based in a lot of research about human rights and civil rights in Brazil, the UN suggested that the police in Brazil was demilitarized. The military police is an heritage of the dictatorship that the Brazilian population was forced into between 1964 and 1984, an also the UN reported that it should be deeply reformed. Today, this police only exists with the aim of killing poor, black people in our periphery and repressing the social movements. That’s why we chose UN as a place to protest on Tuesday.
We hope we can count on your help and support! Help us tell everyone what’s going on in Brazil! Come to our demonstration!

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