Protest the Justification of Torture & Drones in the new film “Zero Dark Thirty”

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Date(s) - 01/06/2013
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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Sun, January 6, 2013
53rd St. between Fifth & Sixth Aves.

Protest the Justification of Torture in the new film “Zero Dark Thirty”

Zero Dark Thirty opens:
NYC & LA December 19
San Francisco, Chicago, Boston and 24 other cities Friday January 4
Nationwide Friday January 11

ZERO DARK THIRTY depicts the world through the CIA’s eyes & falsely depicts torture as necessary to find Osama Bin Laden.

What happened on 9/11 was a horror. The forces that attacked the World Trade Center are totally reactionary.

BUT ­ what has been done by the U.S. in the name of 9/11 has been far worse:

More than a million people have been killed ­ and millions more turned into refugees ­ in the American war against Iraq (a country which was not even connected to 9/11). Tens of thousands have been killed in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and other countries.
Drones used to kill suspected militants and thousands of innocents, including children, with the U.S. military now justifying targeting even children as young as 6 years old as “enemies” fit to be killed.
A worldwide network of CIA torture sites run by the U.S., including Guantanamo was built, and a system of indefinite detention without trial put in place through law and executive orders by Bush and Obama.
Stripping of fundamental rights within the U.S., giving the state unlimited power to spy on people¹s personal communications and lives, to hold people without trial based merely on an accusation or suspicion that they might do something bad, and kill people without trial in targeted assassinations directed by the President meeting in secret session.

We as a people are further brutalized and degraded by the celebration and justification of torture ­ as in this film. Torture produced no useful intelligence in the pursuit of Bin Laden. Even the government has admitted this. Yet this film claims the opposite.

There were people in the wake of 9/11 ­ including some who had lost loved ones at the WTC ­ who declared “NOT IN OUR NAME.” That captures our sentiment now. We do not share the CIA¹s view of the world. End these wars now, and stop torture.

If you agree, contact World Can¹t Wait
866 973 4463

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