#OWS M20-Occupy The Capitol-Tax Wall Street/Bail the People Out!

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Date(s) - 03/20/2014
7:00 am - 6:30 pm


Union Square Park South
Union Square Park
New York City
Union Square Park South

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#OWS M20-Occupy The Capitol-Tax Wall Street/Bail the People Out!

Albany has become a playground for the 1%.

Politicians lavish tax breaks on luxury real estate developers while cutting affordable housing.

They’re showered with corporate gifts from David Koch, Donald Trump, Fox News, Time Warner, hedge fund managers, casino operators, liquor industry and Advantage Foreclose Services

Then they turn around and cut vital public services like schools and hospitals.

They defund our MTA transit service and we pay for it with fare hikes while almost 20 cents of every fare dollar goes to paying off debt service to JP Morgan Chase*

The corruption is so rampant they don’t even hide it anymore

30 Albany legislators have gone to jail or been censured for corrupt practices in the last 7 years**

Enough is enough.

The People Demand Fair Elections. And we’re mobilizing to get them.

Fair, publicly-funded elections in New York City have led to progressive victories. Now Albany needs to ride the wave of popular support and pass Fair Elections now.

JOIN US March 20th to stand up to corruption in Albany and reclaim democracy.

We will put our bodies on the line in non-violent direct action.

Get on the bus to Occupy The Capitol!

Join the 99% along with several groups for a day of action against the 1% and Political Agenda of Governor Andrew Cuomo that neglects the poor and working class, shorts education and promotes the undemocratic nature of elections.

There will be a FREE bus trip to Albany from several locations in New York City for more information and to sign up click below:





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