Occupy Times Square

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Date(s) - 11/06/2012
9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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The elections have already been stolen.

Due to the influence of money in politics, no matter which candidates are victorious on November 6th, Wall Street still wins. Now, you may choose not to vote because you think the electoral system is totally bankrupt. Or you may choose to vote because as bad as things are, they could get much worse. That’s up to you. But we don’t need to argue about it, because we can all agree: voting by itself will not bring about the changes we need.

  • Question the legitimacy of an electoral process that has been hijacked by corporate money.
  • Create a pathway for people to go from voting to being actively involved in social movements.
  • Connect people to existing Occupy campaigns and projects – from Strike Debt to Occupy the Pipeline.

As soon as the polls close, let’s gather in Times Square and show people what REAL democracy looks like – holding a People’s Assembly and creating a place where anyone can speak, not just those who raise money to run for office. We can bring “planks” on different issues and assemble The People’s Platform. This is a great outreach opportunity to connect new people to Occupy and related movements.

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