OCCUPY the PIPELINE! *Action Planning Assembly*

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Date(s) - 10/17/2012
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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”’Occupy the Pipeline”’ is a growing coalition of activists, grass roots organizations and local residents who have banded together to launch a multi-tiered campaign to stop the construction of Spectra Energy Corp’s Fracked Gas Pipeline being built in NYC’s West Village. This pipeline, being constructed now, will carry gas from the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania, through New Jersey and straight into the heart of NYC’s West Village. Con-Ed has plans to utilize this gas to supply cooking & heating energy for NYC residents.

Sounds great, right? Wrong. The Marcellus Shale formation contains a higher than normal level of Radioactive Radon Gas, which is released with the Natural Gas deposits. It will then be transported at such a high rate of speed from the drill well to NYC that the Radon will have no time to decay to a safe level. It is, in fact, 100 times higher than acceptable levels according to a study done by the Radioactive Waste Management Company. This study also concludes that if this gas is used for cooking and heating in NYC, in one year alone, 30,000 new cases of lung cancer will happen.

Who is most susceptible to this threat? Children. Because the radon sinks, low rise individuals, children & pets will be exposed at higher levels.

Bloomberg thinks this is good for NYC. Who it is really good for is JP Morgan, Chase Bank & Wells Fargo, among others, including, of course Spectra Energy Corp themselves.
Not only is the danger of exposure to a radioactive carcinogen high, but there is also extreme safety concerns about the pipeline itself. Similar ones have had serious explosions, destroying homes and killing people, the resulting fires burn for over a week. This pipeline, of which construction has already begun, is being built under the west village! Residential areas, businesses, children’s playgrounds, not to mention main thoroughfares for transportation.

Additionally, this pipeline will increase demand for Hydro Fracking to supply the “natural” gas and open up New York to this method of extracting so called “Natural” gas from the shale formations below. Hydro Fracking destroys watersheds, contaminates whole communities with radioactive and toxic chemicals, is bad for the local economies, bad for the dairy industry, tourism, farming and quality of life.

Since the proposal for the Spectra pipeline first came to light approximately two years ago, local opposition to this pipeline has steadily spread and intensified.

Our Aim is to continue to wage our non-violent direct action campaign against the construction of this pipeline, raise awareness about the dangers it poses by using public spectacle, street theater, civil disobedience and community outreach. Our Aim is to halt construction on this pipeline. After that, we aim to help fight for a BAN of Fracking in NYS.

This coalition fuses direct action tactics with a more traditional approach to environmentalism.

Many activists from Occupy Wall Street Working Groups make up this coalition, including, but not limited to: OWS Environmental Solidarity, DAP, Direct Action, OWS Puppet Guild, Arts & Culture & OWS Guitarmy.
Grass Roots Organizations such as: New York Grassroots Alliance to Save our State (NYGRASS), Sane Energy Project, NYC Friends of the Clearwater and United for Action (UFA) have joined OWS to embark on this direct action campaign to stop Spectra Pipeline and to BAN FRACKING in NYS and the World.

Join us EVERY Wednesday at the Brecht Forum as we plan actions to address this crucial issue.

Follow us on twitter: @occupy_pipeline
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