Occupy Kitchen #OccupyUnionSq Community Potluck

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Date(s) - 08/16/2014 - 08/17/2014
12:00 am - 7:00 pm


Occupy Union Square
University Place & E 14th
New York City

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Occupy Kitchen #OccupyUnionSq Community Potluck

Enjoy healthy food cooked & served by Occupy Kitchen and neighborhood residents!

SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS in Union Square.

Weather permitting. Please check this page though for any updates! Or call 646-470-3890 to see if we’re running on time or if you want to help out!

The Occupy Kitchen is a space for breaking bread and building communities that is open to everyone! From our camp kitchen in Liberty Plaza to our weekend Potluck at Union Square, now entering into 3 years, we have been providing a space for people to share delicious meals and good conversation. We nourish the grassroots movement to free America from corporate control and create a fairer economic system for hardworking people.

We are committed to building a more equitable society and furthering the food justice movement by changing patterns of consumption in New York City and beyond. Through our work at OWS, we unite local residents and communities that sustain the movement. Our network of supporters is a diverse group of activists, small businesses, family-run farms, community groups and individuals who share a common vision of a better, more sustainable NYC!

We believe that access to good, healthy food is a universal human right. We strive to sustainably provide good food to people in the Union Square area and to the NYC activist community in general. Almost half the food produced in the United States is thrown away. We believe this waste is flagrantly disrespectful to the environment and the millions of people in this country who cannot afford healthy food. Our response to this waste is to make use of it! Food is donated to us from businesses and residents in the community that want to see something good happen to it.

The capitalist system we live in insists that in order for something to have value it must have a price tag; it must be sellable. No one will buy a dozen eggs with one egg cracked, so the entire package gets tossed. Grocery stores must over stock all of their produce, because no one wants to shop at a store that looks half empty. And all of that overstock inevitably finds its way into the dumpster. We are trying to stop this!

The Occupy Kitchen quietly tries to dismantle this capitalist value system by bringing this food back to to community in a creative way. We believe that in order for something to have value it need not be sellable, only usable. We strive to create a public space where food can be exchanged and shared freely. We aim to show that it is possible to feed hundreds of people a day and build a strong social movement in NYC that values people before profit. And to show all those who value protocol over practicality that there are other ways to move through the world; other ways to make change.

We currently need help GETTING THE WORD OUT to the community! And also we need help with food and labor donations! If you are interested, please take a look below to see current needs. We especially need people to cook and prepare food and bring it to Union Square for our weekend potlucks. We invite all visionaries who can imagine the world operating in a way that promotes peace, justice, dignity and mutual aid.

Weather permitting.

Please check this page though for any updates! Or call 646-470-3890 to see if we’re running on time or if you want to help out!

Once in a while we switch location to support marches & rallies!

Online Donations accepted here:

Weekend Potluck @ Union Square
Saturday 4/12 , Sunday 4/13 – 1-5pm

Twitter: @NYCActivism ; @OWSUnionSquare
Hashtags: #PeoplesKitchen #OccupyKitchen #WakeUpNYC #TakeOurCityBack #RiseUpNYC

Flyer HERE –

Sign up for Facebook event here:


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