Occupy #JailSupport for World Wide Wave Of Action

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Date(s) - 04/04/2014
10:00 pm - 11:59 pm


NYPD Central Booking
100 Centre Street
New York

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Occupy #JailSupport for World Wide Wave Of Action

Civil Disobedience often means having to take an arrest to carry the message of economic injustice to the wider world & those facing arrest need your solidarity in the form of jail support.

Please join the Occupy Wall Street Jail Support community as they volunteer to track, wait for & then greet those arrested as they are released.

For more information please follow the hashtag #JailSupport on April 4th online via Twitter & Facebook.

What Jail Support is & is NOT:

Jail support is both tracking arrestees as they move through the arrest and arraignment process and providing comfort to arrestees when they are released.

It is a way of showing solidarity with other people involved with Occupy Wall Street and a way of taking care of our friends and community. ¬†Through jail support, we show that we’re not going to let the legal system be used as a way to wear us down.

Jail support is not a chance to stick it to the man. This means that you should comply with reasonable requests from officers, such as moving slightly farther away from the precinct, and that you should not antagonize desk sergeants or court officers. When our fellow activists are in custody our behavior outside the precinct can effect how quickly they are released.

The general policy of Occupy jail support is that if you are arrested for doing something stupid while providing jail support, we won’t provide jail support for you.

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