MONEY WARZ: #TPP DEATH STAR video for #OWS 2nd anniversary

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Date(s) - 09/17/2013
12:00 am


Various Locations in New York City
New York
Times Square, corporations, Congressional offices, Wall Street/Liberty Plaza

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MONEY WARZ: #TPP DEATH STAR video for #OWS 2nd anniversary
Hi Jerry,
Do whatever you like with this. Virginia stresses the time element.

Who: A cast of over two hundred activist performers, videographers, livestreamers and media folks.
What: An all day, roving theatrical spectacle exposing the plutocracy’s cherished TPP to the media and the public.
When:  Sept 17th performance starting at noon on OWS’s 2nd anniversary.
Where: in Times Square, Congressional offices, corporate hq’s, Wall Street.
How: Street theater DIRECT ACTION
Contact info:; twitter @moneytroopers; hashtags #moneywarz and #S17, #OWS, #TPP. Cell 917-678-2365
KIckstarter page link:

Peoples’ attention is hard to grab. The American audience is inundated with images and media competing for our attention. Our approach is to rely upon the familiar as an entry point. Humor is our passport.

Progressive ideas are virtually absent from our captive mainstream culture. This is what plutocracy looks like.

The challenge of making political theater is to find a language that can communicate with a large American audience through the fog of ubiquitous mainstream drivel and dead-end memes courtesy of well-funded right wing think tanks. Hats off to the hack who came up with the visceral “fiscal cliff” to propel the fake “austerity crisis” – everyone has felt that tinge of fear in the gut when looking down from a high place.

We came up with the idea to parody Star Wars as our launch pad . People around the world already know and love the Star Wars characters and themes. “Money Warz”, our activist theater group, surfs on the phenomenon as a shortcut to meaning. Our caricatures of Star Wars characters – Darth Banker, Princess Laid Off, Jebba the GMO, Emperor Pipeline, the Money Troopers, et al., – are instantly anchored by familiarity. Noam Chomsky graciously joined us in a photo op as Chomsky Wan Kenobi for his grand kids.

On September 17th, the second anniversary of Occupy Wall Street we’ll pop up and perform a quick show in the heart of Times Square. Our villains, Darth Banker, Emperor Pipeline and 200 Money Troopers of the Didactic Empire will unveil “The TPP Death Star” – a 15-foot-tall replica of a toilet paper roll. In the midst of the celebration our good guys, the Open Alliance characters, will kidnap the TPP Death Star and jump in waiting pedicabs to make their escape, the Money Troopers in hot pursuit. Four cameras will capture the action.

Cut to the chase! The chase leads through the streets of New York City to the offices of our Congress members and complicit corporations’ headquarters. At stops along the way, performers mummified in toilet paper, represent the actual conspirators in the secret trade deal negotiations. Photo faces reveal some of the conspirators. The show concludes at Wall Street when the pedicab arrives carrying the hijacked TPP Death Star and our Open Alliance heroes.

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