Medicine for the Movement Meditation Flash Mob

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Date(s) - 04/25/2014
4:20 pm - 5:00 pm


Liberty Plaza
Zuccotti Park
New York City

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Medicine for the Movement Meditation Flash Mob

Join New York city activists and wellness practitioners as they gather at the Liberty Plaza for an mindful group practice, flash mob style.

Meet at the tree on the West side of the park which once held the sacred space during the physical occupation at 4:20 PM each Friday.

We are called to bring Medicine to the Movement.

We are called to occupy sacred safe healing space for all people,
for the purpose of nourishing peace and healing in ourselves,
and with intention strive to create peace and healing for all.

We are called to gather to reinvigorate and honor the sacred space of the Park. Community coming together in body, mind and spirit … for yourself and for all the hearts and minds of all beings around the planet.

On Friday at 4pm we will gather in order to honor and create sacred space, the single tree that stands in the center of our circle alongside Double Check, and all the spirits of this land.

Throughout history just about every culture has understood that the warriors and those involved in battles to protect and strengthen the community must have special care given to them before and after battles.

Our modern day vets are not supported like they need anymore. There are more casualties from suicide after battle now than from actual warfare. The same could be said of the business worker. Bankers are increasingly reporting to us they are suicidal, markets are overwhelmed, the system is failing and we don’t have a new solution in place. We all need to come together to forge new community with all.

Post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) are a result of many complex systems failing humanity. Systems of oppression and excess inflame the daily struggle for my brothers and sisters in PoC communities, labor communities, LGBT communities, just to survive and hold on to a dream to one day thrive!

Developing and doing your own daily practice is great, but coming out in the community and connecting to each other, the trees, the birds, Mother Earth, and all her beings that include all of us at and around the Park and all of NYC.

Come learn to connect and listen.

Prayer for Zuccotti by Yoko Ono


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