Kshama Sawant Speaking Tour: Building an Independent Voice for the 99%

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Date(s) - 03/27/2013
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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CUNY Graduate Center

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KSHAMA SAWANT, economics professor and Socialist Alternative Candidate for WA State House.

LUCAS SANCHEZ, New York Communities for Change (NYCC) organizer of grocery store workers, member of the Comité de Trabajadores de Nueva York.

ELJEER HAWKINS Social activist born and raised in Harlem, political writer on prisons, police brutality and racism, member of Socialist Alternative.

LOCATION: CUNY Graduate Center, Room 5414


Friday, March 29 – 6:00pm
Great Astoria Historical Society, 4th Floor Lounge
Quinn Building, 35-20 Broadaway, Astoria, Queens

In 2012, Occupy activist Kshama Sawant ran against the Washington state’s Democratic Speaker of the House to demonstrate that it is, in fact, possible to challenge the two parties of big business. She won a historic 29% of the vote as a Socialist Alternative candidate with over 20,000 votes – the highest vote for a Socialist candidate in the state in decades even though her campaign refused corporate donations and was largely ignored by the corporate media!

Sawant is now on a speaking tour discussing the lessons of the campaign and how we can continue to build a left alternative to the two parties of Wall Street. Here in New York, the 2013 elections will mean the end of the 13th-richest-man-in-the-world Mayor Bloomberg era, but who will replace him? We can be sure that no matter which major party or candidates are elected for mayor and city council, the interests of Wall Street and the super-elite will be protected.

It’s long overdue that we talk about how to organize a real left-wing, independent political voice to challenge both parties and their pro-capitalist policies. We need a voice for the 99%! Come to this forum to hear Kshama and other speakers and discuss how a real alternative could be built.

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  1. Gymnos Alithiea

    So there are two events coming up with the amazing Kshama Sawant? Excellent!

    See you Wednesday on my part.