June 1st Reoccupation Discussion

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Date(s) - 05/22/2013
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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100 Williams Street
100 Williams Street
New York

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We are having a conversation about trying to build back up to having an active presence in Liberty Plaza as a means to interact with and educate the public once again just how the shit got fucked up and bullshit – to try to rebuild a sense of community that has waned in the intervening months, and to revitalize the resistance efforts more broadly by making them accessible to the public by having a consistent, predictable presence. We may not be able to lock down an encampment at Liberty Plaza but we can certainly reclaim the use of the space as a public forum, and have an awesome late-spring day in the park together in a way we haven’t in a long time.

Online conversations kind of suck, especially at identifying who the stakeholders in a conversation are. They certainly aren’t “consensus,” and a decision of the sort that this conversation is replicating would need to be an open and horizontal conversation. This seems like the kind of conversation that should be had by the people who would be the ones doing it, without any pressures or expectations about what would come out of that conversation. Some people had some of this conversation already – reportback below. We want MORE people to have MORE of the conversation, and wholeheartedly invite everyone to 100 William Street at 5pm on Wednesday, May 25th to continue this discussion.

Occupy here in NYC is a lot of different groups, all of whom are stakeholders. Please help reach out to them and invite them to this conversation, so everyone who is invested in this can have a place to come together in community and be heard. The more of us there are, the greater the change we can bring together in this world!


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