Emergency Party for Occupy-House Eviction

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Date(s) - 07/27/2013 - 07/28/2013
7:00 pm - 4:00 am


Cecily's House
274 Quincy St.
Cecily's House

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Suggested donation $10: Several types of drinks including beer and wine, Cook out, live music all night, and party games, party favors.

… This party is being held to support a project that was initiated 6 months ago. I, Ibraheem Awadallah (IB), have been working with others to maintain a space in Brooklyn for use by occupiers, hosting various gatherings, working on projects, storing supplies, cooking food, and even housing over 40 people (up to 10 people at a time on some days). This is a successful project that has done a great deal of good, but we have been in housing court all last month, and the eviction is now FINAL.

We would like to raise funds to renegotiate the lease or find a new space which may be more suitable. At the same time, I am working with others to expand on the goals of this project and make it more inclusive.

We need to support each other and practice community-building, education, and build our resources. This fundraiser is being held to support the initiative of sustaining an Occupy movement house.

Mission Statement:

The goal is to open a space which can serve the needs of the people who are involved in different projects as part of the “Movement” (OWS and related groups). The space should be open to all who have a legitimate use which is covered by the mission statement and where those responsible for the space are in agreement. The “Movement House” should serve the purposes of:

Education: a space for educational workshops, reading groups, etc…

Project Space: provide area for working on artistic and academic projects.

Event Space: holding planned events, or gatherings.

Storage and Display: provide space for storage of supplies and materials, and a display area for informational and other materials.

Comfort: it is necessary to provide a space with facilities for use of occupiers themselves, when needed. The extent of use of the space is decided by the ones maintaining and facilitating the space and the community agreement.


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