Earthlings Movie Screening

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Date(s) - 03/13/2013
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

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In Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” Three prisoners have been chained deep inside a cave for their whole life. They are chained so tightly that all they ever see or experience are the grotesque shadows cast on a wall from a fire that is burning behind them. This is the only reality they have ever known.

Then one day, a prisoner is released. He is blinded by the light outside the cave and astonished to see a completely new reality of people, animals, and objects casting these shadows into the cave.

He scurries back to tell the other prisoners the news, but to his dismay, the prisoners do not believe his fantastic stories of the world outside of the cave. For the shadows on the wall are the only reality the prisoners have ever known, and therefore, to them, that is all that will ever exist…

Earthlings is a movie that intents to enlighten all of those who are kept in such cave. This movie frees us from a dark cave, into seeing what is hidden from most of us behind those “grotesque shadows” cast on the wall. The Shadows of happy circus elephants from whom we are “entertained”; the “fashionable” clothes we wear; the cosmetics we wear in search of “aesthetics”, or the happy farm animals we see in children’s books.
Oscar Award winner Joaquin Phoenix narrates this movie with the sole goal of awakening consciousness and critical thinking in the minds of most of us who are kept from knowing the truth, to evolve for ourselves, the planet and all other species.

We have the right to know what we are a part of; we have the right to see outside the cave and beyond its shadows, for we might very much dislike what we think we are seeing. “Make the Connection”

Love “Peace and Power to all species” and the Planet.

Hunter College
On Lexington ave between 68th and 69th Streets
Thomas Hunter Hall Rm 105.

Open to the Public. Please bring an ID.
Free food and refreshments will be served!

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