Debt Discussion Series: Jubilee and $49,983 – THOMAS GOKEY

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Date(s) - 10/25/2012
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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What would non-cooperation with Wall Street look like? This presentation will share just one vision for how we might organize such large scale resistance on a nuts and blots level, starting with a rolling jubilee and ending with a global debt strike.How can we put a price on the priceless? What is an artwork or an education worth? As an art student Dave Hickey told me that if I was going to spend $50,000 on “a fucking piece of paper” then “it had damn well better be a de Kooning” as opposed to a diploma which is also a very expensive piece of paper. Our money is just valueless paper notes which can be rendered as “legal tender for all debts,” basically IOUs we pass around. Our universities are little more than ivy walled banks which exchange one form of credit (debt) for another (academic). “$49,983″ is a paper artwork made out of real money (pre-shredded by the federal reserve) and a performative exchange, an attempt to turn my tuition debt from art school into an artwork which can be sold for the same amount as my debt.

Part of the Occupy University Debt Series

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