OWS Anti-Ticket Quota – Pro Improved Quality of Life Assembly and Rally/The People’s Agenda

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Date(s) - 06/14/2013
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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Liberty Plaza (AKA Zuccotti Park)

Liberty Plaza(Formerly Zuccatti Park)

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This assembly and rally is to call into question the forced ticket quota system that negatively affects so many New Yorkers lives. From unfair to unnecessary parking tickets to stop and frisk we are ALL impacted in too many ways. This action is also in support of’ The People’s Agenda’ which has been created to address the needs and help to mobilize the 99% for NYC mayoral elections in November 2013. See Below:

OCCUPY The 2013 NYC Elections

The People’s Agenda

  • End Stop and Frisk and all police and other attacks on black and brown communities.
  • Fire Ray Kelly and end all police quotas (including tickets) in New York City.
  • Create a Living Wage for all.
  • A Massive public jobs bill.
  • Rent controlled-truly affordable housing.
  • Restore original mission of CUNY, including open admissions and free tuition.
  • Drastically reduce subway and mass transit fares-to be subsidized by wall street and the 1%.
  • Community control and oversight of the police.
  • Community control of schools, lower class size and an end to high stakes testing.
  • Ending Privatization of schools (charter schools) and attacks on teachers.
  • Fair taxes on the 1% and Wall Street.
  • Protection for animals and our environment.
  • End attacks on unions and on collective bargaining and negotiate fair contracts
  • Free Health care for the 99%.
  • End domination and centralization of power in the Mayor and Speaker and give to the City Council that is accountable to the community.
  • Increase access to and funding of public libraries.
  • End WEP and redesign and adequately fund social programs that serve the 99%
  • Improve the Quality of Life for ALL communities

Consented April 26, 2013 by Occupy Wall Street (Occu-Evolve)

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