#WaveOfAction City Wide People’s Assembly for the 99%

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Date(s) - 04/04/2014
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Liberty Plaza (Formerly Zuccotti Park)
Liberty Plaza
New York City
Liberty Plaza(Formerly Zuccatti Park)

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#WaveOfAction City Wide People's Assembly for the 99%

The People’s Assembly will happen after the vigil of Dr. King to reconvene the SPIRIT of the Occupy Wall Street Movement as well as many of the movements that preceded it.

There will be special but brief 99% presentations, updates and reportbacks from the May 1rst Coalition, The Fight for 15$, The Laundry Workers and Moraima Ortiz Committee, The Occupy Action Council(NYC), Movement Against Monsanto and GMOS,  Anti-Homelessness and Year of The Rent Freeze Coalition, Stop/Stop and Frisk-Stop Mass Incarceration Group, End The Fed, Ban Fracking Now, People’s Power Assembly NY/NJ, Occu-Evolve(OWS), Nationalize the Fed, Money Out Of Politics, The Alternative Banking Group of Occupy Wall Street, Golden Farm Workers and others still to be announced.

This People’s and Organizing assembly is being organized to help individuals plug into, learn more information, and or join the struggles that different groups are involved in.

The Evening’s Facilitation Team to be announced.

About Us

Topics of weekly meetings vary but all focus on creating a better future based on social and  economic justice, community empowerment, and a spaces which embraces and protects the rights of all people to live a decent and find a meaningful life in all they do.

Occu-Evolve is a values based community made up of members of  Occupy Wall Street #NYCGA Working Groups, Point People and Front liners of Occupy Movement Working & Affinity Groups, and general assemblies across the city and nation, who collaborate with OWS, Community Based Assemblies, CBO’s and Movements on strategic local and city-wide actions, educational, outreach and related projects.

Occ-Evolve is open to all members of the community who have an interest in supporting the 99% and the grassroots social justice movement for economic inequality awareness.

Please arrive on time & bring a friend or two!

First time participants, press & out of town visitors should check in with the evening’s Occ-Evolve facilitator if possible for details on the agenda & etiquette.

If you are part of a group or community who needs support for a future event time for community announcements is given at the close of each meeting.

For more information please visit our Facebook Page:




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