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New Site Features: Group Documents and Discussions

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As mentioned before, there have been some changes made to the site. The biggest change has been the elimination of the groups on the site. This is due to ongoing maintenance issues associated with BuddyPress, the software used create groups, and the changing nature of the structure of Occupy Wall Street. The primary group features […]

Site Update!

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You may notice some changes to Here’s what happened, and why: The servers went down for ~8 hours last week. Possibly a DDOS attack, but definitely made worse by our social networking plugin (BuddyPress). GREAT job on the detective work, Pea and Ross. The groups feature was thus deactivated. Maintenance costs outweighed the benefits, […]

NEW FEATURE: Revision History

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Now all posts on this site (minutes, proposals, site news, etc) will display their revision history at the bottom. You can see who changed what when and you can check out previous versions. Take a look at any past minutes post to check it out. Hello, transparency! Special thanks to the Minutes Working Group for […]

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Dear OWS Family, As part of a series of dialogues surrounding power hierarchies, access, and accountability we would like to invite you to a dialogue on the digital environment of OWS. Sunday February 19th 3-7PM 16 Beaver We come together for a discussion having to with access to our inward and outward facing internet platforms. […]

Livetweets without leaving the site!

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We’re pleased to announce that our direct democratic process is now easier to follow than ever before! Livetweets from our fearless @LibertySqGA team are now built right into and new posts will appear every night there is a livetweeted assembly. Check out the archives here:

Groups Policy Implementation

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Dear Community, On December 20th, the General Assembly consensed that all groups must provide the following information in order to make it easier for people to join the movement: A mission statement which does not violate the Principles of Solidarity A working email or phone number Day and time of a weekly open meeting (this […]

Proposal Listing Improvements

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Ever been looking for information about a proposal on tonight’s agenda? Ever wanted to check on the status of a proposal that you’re pretty sure was at GA last week? Us too! While proposals are being posted online, sorting through them to find the one you were looking for has been too difficult and confusing. […]

Can the Spam

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So we got word that some members are getting unsolicited emails and notifications. We’ve added spam to the ‘Report type’ drop down menu in the feedback form. When reporting spam please provide the account username along with a copy of the email or notification for verification. Spammers suck, if you get something sketchy. Tell us.

Group Emails Now Work

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A while ago, we launched group email subscriptions. One of the components of that launch was the ability for group admins to send out an email to every member of that group. However, we learned after launch that while most of the functionality of the emails (subscribing to emails from your group) was working great, […]