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Past Proposals

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Note: The people posting proposals to this page are volunteers and do not dictate the content of the proposals.  All viewpoints expressed here belong solely to the individuals and working groups that put each proposal forward.

Wandering NYC Zuccottis DNC Rescue

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Brothers and Sisters, we have forty Occupiers from NYC who are stuck in Charolette, NC. They have been in Charolette helping to define the protests against the DNC. Their impact has been instrumental in bringing massive media attention to the protests and to Occupy in general, and in helping to remind the world that Occupy […]

Occupy the Pipeline Funding Request

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Occupy the Pipeline is seeking budget approval for our ongoing Direct Action Campaign to Shut down the Spectra Pipeline. Spectra Energy is starting construction this week to build a pipeline to bring fracked gas into NYC. This project is being funded by Chase, JP Morgan and Wells Fargo among other big banks. Bloomberg is also […]

Financial & Accounting

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We would like to address the financial freeze on funds, review the accounting situation, and make necessary changes to the existing system – Our goal is to make the accounting more transparent and unfreeze the account.

Wall Street South & Occupy DNC Solidarity Statement

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Draft Proposal to be brought to #NYCGA on Saturday, August 25th by Queering #OWS: We the members of Occupy Wall Street in New York City as represented by #NYCGA stand in solidarity with the Coalition to March on Wall Street South & their efforts to bring the Occupy message of economic inequality to the Democratic […]

End Spending Freeze

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End the #NYCGA spending freeze. 1) The NYCGA cannot hear financial proposals unless a member of Accounting is present and the current balance of the general fund has been presented. The NYCGA will not spend more than 20% of its total balance on any given night. 2) Non-consensus means of obtaining funds will not be […]

OWS Archives Status Update

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Proposal for the GA to request that the OWS Archives Working Group make public the current status of the OWS Archives, with the idea that informed members of the General Assembly and it’s working groups, affinity groups, autonomous individuals and diaspora will be able understand the current issues facing the OWS Archive Working Group and […]

Using Open Spaces Model to Discuss Consensus Dialogue Methods

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Proposal: To hold Two Open Spaces on Tuesday, July 31st and Thursday, August 2nd at Liberty Plaza to discuss OWS decision-making structures and the General Assembly. These loosely facilitated community discussions would then report back to #NYCGA on Sat August 4th. Consensus Dialogue Methods There are many different ways for consensus to grow within a […]