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Draft Proposal for Saturday 11/12 General Assembly: Labor Outreach Working Group

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PROPOSAL FOR FUNDING FROM LABOR OUTREACH WORKING GROUP Proposal:  The Labor Outreach working group is asking for funding to support the evening portion of the November 17th day of action, an action that #ows has been coordinating with labor to produce.  The specific portion of that action which needs support is the “reclaiming of the bridge” for the […]

Draft Proposal for Saturday 11/12 General Assembly: Finance

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Proposal: For Occupy Wall Street To Protect Its Name, and the Movement, through Trademark   Factual Background: On the requests of the Finance committee and individual occupiers involved in other working groups, Attorneys Wylie Stecklow and Samuel Cohen filed an application to trademark “Occupy Wall Street” on behalf of Occupy Wall Street on an emergency […]

NYCGA Minutes 11/10/2011

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NYC GENERAL ASSEMBLY DAY 55 Date / Time: Thursday 10/11/2011 / 7:00pm EST Location: Zuccotti Park, NY, NY Facilitators: Brie, Zach   Stack Keeper: Joel; Stack Reader: Shazz; Time Keeper: Eileen; Minute Taker: Stephanie [Facilitator introductions] [Review of progressive stack] [Review of hand signals] [Review of modified consensus process]   AGENDA 55.1.  Agenda Items (Occupy […]

Coordinators Minutes 11/9/2011

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11/9/11 megan facilitator from kitchen kitchen is revamping kitchen focus on cooking instead of relying on catering and trying to get a bus. Katherine- what kitchen being utilized currently. East and flatbush soup kitchens currently looking for a more a permanent situation, current Betsy from Library,new branch at the Tree of Life.  Books keep disappearing […]

Draft Proposal for Thursday 11/10: Principles of Solidarity

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Background: On 11/8/11, the GA approved solidarity’s stop-gap, Emergency Proposal, which was: “For the next 48 hours, until the next GA, Occupiers in a space required by the community must consent in order to be removed, or consent regarding a shared usage of space.” Now: Solidarity is involved with other working groups on this issue, including Town […]

NYC Operational Spokes Council 11/9/2011

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NYC OPERATIONAL SPOKES COUNCIL DAY 54 Meeting Date/Time: 11/9/2011 / 7:30pm EST Location: 411 Pearl St, NYC, NY Facilitators (F): Sully and Naishiva   Facilitation Support: Andy, William, Bree, Nicole, Brook Taking stack: Daniel, Melanie, Christine Vibe-checking: Eileen Time keeper: Leo Minutes: Carrie   Agenda: 54.1.  Review proposed operational groups in Spokes Council (SC)

Draft Proposal for Thursday 11/10 General Assembly: Archives

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[REVISED 2011/11/9 due to recent increase in hard-drive prices and extra $ for archival supplies, up to $500 as per general email discussion] This is the budget proposal for materials required to begin the long-term work of establishing the Occupy Wall Street Archives. Secure temporary storage in Downtown Manhattan area: $2,300.00 Rent for storage (estimated […]