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1/16/12: Reduce Spokes Council Meetings

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This proposal from the Facilitation Working Group seeks to reduce the number of scheduled OWS Spokes Council meetings per week. A nearly identical proposal will be brought to the GA. Spokes Councils represent, to many, the opportunity to be involved in the direct democracy we value and to connect to OWS itself. These meetings are oriented […]

1/13/2012: Archives Budget

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OWS Archives Budget Proposal Revised as of January 11, 2012 Statement: We are the Archives Working Group. We were created to ensure that Occupy Wall Street preserves and owns its past and so that we can collect the breadth of perspectives and flyers, signs, posters, audiovisual and digital files, photographs, and artifacts. We are also […]

NYC General Assembly 1/14/2012 (Minutes)

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NYC GENERAL ASSEMBLY DAY 120 1/14/2012, 7pm, Liberty Plaza Link to Audio File Proposal: Form GRISP Working Group. Did not pass modified consensus. Proposal: Form Occupy Dependency Working Group. Tabled. Proposal: Vision and Goals Breakout Discussion. Tabled due to cold. Proposal: Formation of Anarchist Education Working Group with budget of $2,000. Tabled. Proposal: OWS Movement […]

1/15/2012: Formation of Transportation Working Group

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The Transportation OWG would like to go before the GA to get official GA approval. Our first meeting was held today, Saturday 1/14, noon at 60 Wall St. What is the Transportation Working Group? The OWS Transportation Operations Working Group is responsible for facilitating transportation for the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Transportation coordinates with Occupiers […]

1/15/2012: Break Out Discussion

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Break Out Discussion: Feedback on Vision and Goals Document V&G Consensed 12/21/11: We return to our daily schedule of GA and Spokes Council appearances, soliciting feedback. Beginning on or after January 1st, at every GA, we ask them if they wish us to cease taking feedback on the document they have in hand and enter […]

1/14: Anarchist Education Working Group

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Proposer: Richard Degan Create an Anarchist Education Group. Asking for $2,000. I want to create this group to educate people about anarchist education and anarchist societies that raised their own money, had their own land, their own teachers and parents kids were invested. I want to be able to bring my friend Tarick, a black […]

1/14: Movement Building Road Trip

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Proposal for OWS Movement Building Road Trip Prepared by Direct Action in consultation with Movement Building, Facilitation, Outreach, Education and Empowerment, PR, Media, Livestream, & Training OBJECTIVES (1) Strengthen the OWS network by deepening relationships between occupiers (2) Increase OWS’s capacity through mutual transfer of skills and knowledge (3) Clarify OWS’s narrative by deepening its […]

1/14/2012: Censure Affirmation

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Proposal to NYC General Assembly 14.Jan.2012 by Jeffrey Brewer Requests for Censures on acts of Verbal Aggression, Overuse of Serious Charges, Discriminatory Practices ⁃ Censure on the use of language, accusations, character defamations that are completely unfounded or have no specific basis. Slander is and act of verbal violence. ⁃ ⁃ Censure of the frivolous […]

1/14/2012: Spending Freeze

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**** PLEASE NOTE: The proposer will be available at 60 Wall, on 1/14 from 3:33 until GA to discuss this proposal**** About the proposer: I, Jason Ahmadi, am one of the original planners and organizers of September 17th and an occupier of Liberty Square. I have given the majority of my energy to the Press […]