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1/23/2012: Monthly Budget Proposal

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The amount of issues and time spent on budgetary issues is primarily caused by lack of forward thinking in terms of budget. This is a proposal for the next month, along with what we expect to get in return for these expenditures. Any future discussions will be framed within the context of these expenditures: 1. […]

NYC General Assembly 1/21/2012 (Minutes)

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NYC GENERAL ASSEMBLY DAY 127 Date/Time: 1/21/2012, 7:30 pm Location: 60 Wall Street Facilitators: Amin and Christina Stack: Evan Minutes: Hillel (From Livestream and tweets) and Stan Announcements/Working Group Reportbacks: Solidarity Working Group, Open Accounting Working Group, Class War Working Group, Student Assembly, InfoHub, Structure Working Group, Direct Action, GSD, “Don’t Buy Any Media” Day, Livestream. […]

1/24/2012:OWS support for Occupy Tour

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A team of people assembled by Ted Hall are building a satellite project under the Occupy banner.  We are organizing an Occupy Tour of music, art, and workshops throughout local assemblies here in NYC and hopefully beyond.  The Occupy Tour has the following mission/message: Cultivate unity of humanity – eliminating prejudice, celebrating diversity and embracing each other […]

NYC Operational Spokes Council 01-20-2012 (Minutes)

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Spokes Council Minutes January 20, 2012 Audio Recording of Spokes Council Meeting Spokes Council Sign-in Sheet Location: West Park Presbyterian Church Facilitators (F):Steve & Jo Stack: Marissa Minutes: David Buccola   Meeting began at approximately 8:00pm Announcements: Info-hub, Occupy Phoenix, Billy, Minutes, Strong Women Rules, Tech Ops, Facilitation, and Women Occupy Nations (WON). Working Group Report […]

1/24/2012: Community Solidarity

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  Does anyone wish to see the OWS movement become violent? -NO! If we let a bunch of Occupiers, who have come from all over and have given their lives to this movement with the hope of changing this country and our world into a more inclusive space; if we let these people, who our […]

1/21/2012: General Restructuring of Assembly

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A PROPOSAL FOR GENERAL RESTRUCTURING OFASSEMBLY [Third Draft] This proposal is the product of many voices.  Its drafters have sought to build a consensus of diverse views through open forum in Liberty Square, the daily Coordinators Meeting, the internet, and circulated with participation from many groups including Direct Action Working Group, Facilitation Working Group, Tech […]

1/21/2012: Open meetings for all operation decisions

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From Jeffrey Brewer REQUIRING OPEN MEETINGS FOR ALL OPERATION DECISIONS I would like to propose that all consensus decisions that affect operations, personnel, policies, or agendas inside of OWS Working Groups be made at OPEN meetings accessible for all members of OWS to participate in, without requiring “membership” in any group or clique. Currently there […]

NYC General Assembly 1/19/2012 (Minutes)

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NYC GENERAL ASSEMBLY DAY 125 Date/Time: 1/19/2012, 7pm Location: Liberty Plaza Facilitators (F): Alejandro and Christina Stack Taker: Bonna Working Group Report Backs: Class War Campaign, Accounting Emergency proposal from Direct Action to endorse a longshoreman action on the west coast. Result: Consensus. Emergency proposal to hold discussions regarding the spending freeze. Result: Conversation held. Announcements: […]