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Spokes Council Budgeting

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Discussion on Monday 1) Request from each WG on where they see themselves in the budget and financial needs 2) Request from each WG on how they see themselves with fundraising and their attitudes toward it 3) Request from each WG to give ideas towards a centralized budget versus a decentralized budget 4) Request from […]

Democracy in Spokes Council

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Contact Name: Ashley Love Working Group: WON- Women Occupying Nations  Proposal: Democracy in Spokes Council Proposal Process to be voted on Monday, January 30th This proposal is very simple. Everyone in the OWS community should have the opportunity to participate the democratic process concerning the Spokes Council (SC) proposal voting process. However, due to the pattern […]

NYC General Assembly 1/28/2012 (Minutes)

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NYC GENERAL ASSEMBLY DAY 134 Audio Recording of General Assembly Location: Liberty Square, moved to 60 Wall Street, moved back to Liberty Square Facilitation: Lady, Jason, Yoni, Evan, and Bana. Lady, Jason, and Evan stepped down from facilitation. Bana stepped up and finished out the meeting. Stack Taker: Alia Time Keeper: Evan Minutes: David Announcements: Occupy […]

1/28/2012: Occupy the Roads

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After my visit to Zuccotti Park on Oct.2nd & then to WA DC on 5th, I came back to Seattle area and purchased an RV so I could spread the message and keep the movement alive through the winter months. I have been “occupying the roads” since Nov. 8th. I started at the Canadian Border […]

1/28/2012: Fundraising Hub, aka “FUNHUB” Working Group Formation

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Fundraising Hub, aka “FUNHUB” -To empower people to be full time activists by making the skills, resources and locations of honest work available to the OWS community. -SKILLS: connect artisans to people will to learn their craft -RESOURCES: assist in sourcing materials for goods and services offered -LOCATIONS: find locations and organize events endorsed by […]

1/28/2012: Support for a joint declaration between the assemblies of Moscow and New York from the Anti-War Working Group

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JOINT DECLARATION BETWEEN THE ASSEMBLIES OF MOSCOW AND NEW YORK APPROVED BY OWS ANTIWAR WORKING GROUP We the people of the Moscow and New York Assemblies acknowledge that the future of the human race requires the cooperation of its members. We are at a critical moment in history. There is a rising tide of military […]

1/31/2012: Request for Liberty Square General Assembly to ban an individual (Nan) (from Edward H.)

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Many occupiers are gathering together after Nan attempted to destroy Tuesday nights GA.  We made an official statement on the 24th, stating that the GA will not tolerate deliberate destruction and attacks on itself.  We have witnesses that confirm that Nan planned to wage a violent attack on the GA if her proposal to dissolve […]

NYC General Assembly 1/26/2012 (Minutes)

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NYC GENERAL ASSEMBLY DAY 132 Audio Recording of the General Assembly Location: Liberty Park, moved to 60 Wall Street due to rain Facilitators: Anthony, Jack Stack: Lady Minutes: Lauren Working Group Report Backs: None Proposal: Breakout groups to speak about violence that happened on Tuesday report backs on that disruption Proposal: Proposal for the formation […]

NYC Operational Spokes Council 1/25/2012 (Minutes)

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NYC OPERATIONAL SPOKES COUNCIL DAY 131 Audio Recording of Spokes Council Meeting Location: Quakers Meeting House at 110 Schemerhorn St. Brooklyn, New York Facilitators: Daniel and Danielle Time: Melanie Stack: David Minutes: David Buccola & Jose Working Group Reportbacks (7:46): Infohub, Archives, Outreach, DAP, Library, Arts and Culture, Activist Legal, Town Planning, Sanitation Proposal: Budget for Housing (21:00) […]