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NYC General Assembly 2/18/2012 (Minutes)

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NYC GENERAL ASSEMBLY DAY 155 Location: 60 Wall Street Atrium; then Liberty Square Facilitators: Justin and Nick (livestreamer Nick); then Nick and Anthony; then Nick and Carrie M at Liberty Stack Taker: Josh; then Carrie M at Liberty Time keeper: Carol Vibes checker: Sean Minutes: Carrie M Summary: Working Group Report Backs: Occupy the Bronx […]

Tweets for Thu, 16 Feb 2012

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Hi fam! #OWS General Assembly is starting at 60 Wall. Follow here, @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3, and @LibertySqGA4. #NYCGA #OWS “General assemblies are an optimized space for group discussions, planning community bldg and actions. We encourage this body…” #NYCSC Cont’d: “…to discuss it further and welcome everyone to come to facilitation meetings,” Tues, Thurs, Sat at 4pm. […]

Tweets for Wed, 15 Feb 2012

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RT @OccupyWallStNYC: Open Forum on Diversity of Tactics will be held at 55 Bethune St: West Village near Brecht Forum, Weds 2/15 from 1- … Hey fam! #OWS Spokescouncil is about to begin. As usual, we’ll livetweet it here & on @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3, & @LibertySqGA4. #NYCSC Tonight, Andy Smith and @thejorobin are facilitating, so we’ll […]

2/18/2012: Anti-Oppression Breakout Discussion

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The Anti-Oppression Affinity Group is made up of members of Facilitation Working Group, People of Color Caucus, De-Escalation, Anti-Racism Allies, Minutes and others who are dedicated to creating dialogue around issues of oppression, marginalization, privilege, equity and inclusion within the Occupy Wall Street community. We would like to propose a 20-minute breakout discussion at the […]

2/18/2012: Proposal for M17 Action from Housing

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Whereas March 17th is the celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day in New York City, We would like to recognize the Irish History of Oppression by the British Empire, and connect this oppression historically with oppression of indigenous and tribal people, the impoverished and working class around the world Whereas the Great Hunger of 1847 was […]

Space Proposal

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I think what gave ows life was having a space. I propose we make getting a space the first priority. Live work, 10,000 + square feet.   Darrell Prince

Proposal for bike coalition working group

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Bikes are perhaps the most sustainable and simple form of transportation known to humans. they are simple, elegant, and fun! Why does OWS not have a huge arsenal of lovely lovely bicycles?? The benefits of bikes are crazy rad, in fact (insert rad statistic here) isn’t that awesome?! The purpose of the OWS Bike Coalition […]

NYC Operational Spokes Council 2/15/2012

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NYC OPERATIONAL SPOKES COUNCIL DAY 152 Date/Time: 2/15/2012, 7:30pm Location: Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends 110 Shemerhorn, Brooklyn, NY Audio Recording of Spokes Council Meeting Spokes Sign In Sheet Facilitation: Andy & Jo Stack: Stan Time: Corey Minutes: David Buccola Working Groups in Attendance: Town Planning, Queering OWS, Safer Spaces, Occupy the Youth, Fund […]