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Proposal for 12/20: Laundry Debt

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My proposal is to pay Rafael Laundry $916.00 for laundry that was washed over a month ago.  I came in to volunteer to SIS a month ago and I had laundry picked up and washed and Rafael Laundry has been storing this laundry for us this entire time, since the raid happened and the person […]

Proposal for 12/20: Working Groups–Hey, Who’s Still Around?

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Working Groups: Hey, Who’s Still Around? Proposal Sponsored by Info/ComHub There are currently over 100 groups on the NYCGA web site, and new groups request recognition every day. The Occupy Wall Street movement should always strive to remain inclusive, but the current lack of clarity regarding what a working group is, how it can be […]

Proposal for 12/20: Mobile Screen Printing Labs

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Mobile Screen Printing Labs The OWS Screen Guild has brought screens, ink, squeegees and other supplies to three Occupations outside NYC so far – Newark, Boston, Washington DC, with money authorized by the GA last month. We’re coming back to the GA for authorization to do more of these Mobile Print Labs. When we can […]

Draft Proposal for Tue 11/22 General Assembly

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TRIP TO PLYMOUTH ROCK TO CELEBRATE THANKSGIVING WITH INDIGENOUS PEOPLES On thanksgiving day there will be a caravan of people taking two buses to plymouth rock to join a group of indigenous peoples in a social, dinner, and thanksgiving ceremony.  The first bus is full but we need funds for the second bus.  Many immigrant […]

Draft Proposal for Tue 11/22 General Assembly: Tech Ops

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The New York City General Assembly hereby expresses its firm opposition to the Stop Online Piracy Act in the U.S. House of Representatives (H.R.3261) and the Protect IP Act in the U.S. Senate (S.968) as they are currently written and calls on all Occupy movements nationwide to mobilize supporters against their passage. We oppose this […]

Draft Proposal for Thursday 11/3 General Assembly: Direct Action / Arts and Culture

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Occupy Wall Street to Obama: Don’t Be Wall Street’s Puppet President Obama is on the brink of cutting a backroom deal that would give bankers broad immunity for illegally throwing tens of thousands of Americans out of their homes. The administration is pressuring state Attorney Generals to undermine an ongoing investigation into the massive “robosigning” […]

Draft Proposal for Sun 10/30: Demands Working Group

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We demand a massive, democratically-controlled public works and public service program, with direct government employment, to create 25 million new jobs at good union wages. This is to be paid for by new taxes on the wealth and income of the rich, on financial transactions, and on corporate profits, by reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act, […]

Draft Proposal for Fri 10/28 General Assembly: Structure

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OWS Structure Proposal        (A Living Document) — Submitted by the Structure Working Group Summary Since September 17th Occupy Wall Street (OWS) has grown and inspired occupations around the globe. The General Assembly (GA) is at the heart of this movement.  It provides a forum for political discussion and a plurality of ideas. It is, […]

Occupy Central Park

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We are currently in the process of planning Occupy Central Park, a one-day cultural event that will gather in Central Park on 11/11/11, the global day of solidarity. The event will not be a protest, but a people’s fair. We will have the chance to come together as the 100% to start building the foundation […]