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Liberty Plaza Anarchist College Seeks Teacher/Facilitators

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The main goals and values of this college is to teach how important establishing the values of any group is, and that a society or environment of non-dominance and non-hierarchy is the one in which its members thrive. Anarchy literally means without a ruler, so an individual who oppresses any other individual by limiting their […]

Needs of the Occupiers

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As the Occupation moves into autumn we need to prepare for the onset of of chilly weather. Most Needed: Sleeping bags, blankets, tarps and large, clear plastic storage bins to keep it all dry. Polar fleece sweaters, pants, socks and gloves are also appreciated as, they are durable, easy to clean, keep even the soggiest […]

Things We Need

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Hi my name is Rachel. I’m here with comfort. I want to make an announcement about some things that we need. Important things we need are boots for males and females, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and folding chairs. Also, we have lots of bags of laundry from when it’s been raining. Since there is no […]