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Movement Monday October 22nd 2012 Minutes

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Meeting Minutes 10/22/2012 Faciliation: Justin S-D and Sean McKeown Minutes: Ingrid 6:30 Call to Assemble by JSD Introduction to Facilitation team Sean & Justin Explanation of Calendar & Agenda Building New Events/Actions written on paper cal Call for 1 Minute Action Report Backs from Stakeholders and or participants 6:45 Call to Assemble with ‘If you […]


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FA Team: Sean McK & Katherine F Stack: Revolution Vibe: Sparrow Livestream: Michael Minutes: Justin SD GA Begun at 7:30 PM Team Introduced & Consented upon Sparrow steps up & replaces Michael (For Balanced Gender) Direct Democracy Intro by Sean Agenda Discussion Call for $ WG Members in assembly No Accounting WG Members at assembly […]

Establishing of Quorum for holding #NYCGA

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In order to begin to determine how to set a fair Quorum threashold for holding an fully empowered #NYCGA our community needs to establish how many active Groups make up the assembly at any given time. An active #NYCGA Working Group would be defined s a group who has had a public event which has […]

Wall Street South & Occupy DNC Solidarity Statement

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Draft Proposal to be brought to #NYCGA on Saturday, August 25th by Queering #OWS: We the members of Occupy Wall Street in New York City as represented by #NYCGA stand in solidarity with the Coalition to March on Wall Street South & their efforts to bring the Occupy message of economic inequality to the Democratic […]

End Spending Freeze

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End the #NYCGA spending freeze. 1) The NYCGA cannot hear financial proposals unless a member of Accounting is present and the current balance of the general fund has been presented. The NYCGA will not spend more than 20% of its total balance on any given night. 2) Non-consensus means of obtaining funds will not be […]

Using Open Spaces Model to Discuss Consensus Dialogue Methods

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Proposal: To hold Two Open Spaces on Tuesday, July 31st and Thursday, August 2nd at Liberty Plaza to discuss OWS decision-making structures and the General Assembly. These loosely facilitated community discussions would then report back to #NYCGA on Sat August 4th. Consensus Dialogue Methods There are many different ways for consensus to grow within a […]

Disability Caucus #OccupyGracieMansion Solidarity Statement

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Occupy Gracie Mansion Solidarity Statement: We the Occupy Wall Street movement stand in solidarity with the members of the #OWS Disablity Caucus as they Occupy Gracie Mansion on August 8th to raise awareness of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s 1% policies & the City of New York’s continued economic marginalization of individuals of all backgrounds & ability. […]

Occupy Union Square Encampment & Trinity Sleeps Solidarity Statement

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We Propose the following solidarity statement: We the community of Occupy Wall Street stand in solidarity with the physical encampment located at Union Square, the ongoing direct action #TrinitySleeps & the continued presence of activists on the steps of Federal Hall known as the #FreedomCage. We call all stakeholders of #NYCGA, Open Spaces, VBC, OccuEvolve […]