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Communique from Cairo Re: Egypt Trip

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What follows is a response from our Comrades from Cairo to the recent proposal from our Movement Building Group to send OWS Ambassadors to monitor upcoming elections in Egypt. You can also download this communique as a pdf file, as it was originally sent to us.

New Feature: Group Email Subscriptions

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We’re pleased to announce that along with rolling out a new look and feel for the site, we have also just introduced another frequently-requested feature: Group Email Subscriptions. Now, all members of a group can subscribe to email notifications for activity within that group. On the group’s main page, if you are a member of […]

New Look and Feel

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As you have surely noticed by now, we have rolled out a new look and feel for This is the result of lots of hard work and collaboration between the Internet Working Group and the Design Group. We feel it is a much cleaner, sharper, and fresher look for the site and we hope […]

The NYCGA-True Hollywood Story: The 99Declaration Group, an Exposé

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In the interest of full transparency and openness, it is time to share with you, dear reader, a story about a group, a group that is no more. Yes, that’s right. I am referring to the “99Declaration” group. You may remember this group from its presence on the site for the past few weeks. During […]

Only the Feed You Need

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Take a look at your activity feed on the site. Notice anything? Notice a serious lack of annoying posts about new members and people joining groups? Well, we’ve heard your feedback and I am pleased to announce that we have now removed these two types of activities from all activity feeds by default. If you […]

A friendly announcement from the Food Working Group

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It is not just the ideas that are important, these spaces are fundamental to the possibility of a new world…It is up to us to make sure they are safe, inclusive, and just. – solidarity statement from Cairo Hello Occupiers and Friends! In the coming days the People’s Kitchen of Occupy Wall Street will be […]

Occupy Intelligence Agency is no more

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I am writing this post in the interest of full transparency. This afternoon, I deleted the group “Occupy Intelligence Agency” from the site. At the time of deletion it had 46 members and very little activity. I made this move for the following reason: I was contacted by an admin from the Think Tank group […]

“Twinkle” is the new “Like”

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That’s right. In a daring move away from the Zuckerberg standard, we have tweaked our Like Button to now better reflect our direct democracy hand gestures and say “Twinkle”. It may be a bit of an inside joke, but hey – everyone is an insider here, right?

Announcing: Like Button has arrived!

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Ok. So for the past 2 days, we’ve been so excited to see everyone starting to use the site. As the activity stream has filled up with awesome posts, we’ve all been itching to express our deep appreciation of what is going on around the park and on the site. The thing is, not every […]