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Movement Monday Meeting Minutes

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This past Monday a group of about 45 Occupy organizers from many areas of the movement met. This meeting is coming off the success of the #S17 action. Participants wanted to continue organizing. The shape and structure of the meeting have been shaped over the past four weeks by an empowered breakout group. More information […]

Coordinators Meeting Minutes 1/9/2012

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Josh, Diego, Ravi, Zach, other occupier, Christine Discussions – Community survey of when we should start a re-occupation; some brainstorming about more exact language – WOW caucus resolution in Spokes Friday night – Update on CiviCRM development- we’re basically starting from scratch to build a serious plan for development with a local firm that specializes

Coordinators Meeting Minutes 1/6/2012

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WORKING GROUP COORDINATORS MEETING 1/06/12 60 Wall Street 10 – 11 AM REPORT-BACKS PR – Press releases and interview requests should go to Coverage was good for NDAA actions Wednesday at NYPL and Grand Central. Encourage advance notice of upcoming events for PR planning and to ensure releases go out in timely fashion. D.A. […]

Plans to Restructure Groups

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There are currently about 100 groups on the NYCGA web site and we get more requests for added groups every day. We, at Tech Operations (formerly known as Internet), are very concerned with this situation and after many conversations with other groups in the movement, we know that the negative implications of this are vast […]

First Spokes Council – 7pm @ 60 Wall st

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The Structure Working Group will be holding a Spokes Council Orientation, including going through a mock proposal, Group check-ins and other procedural issues tonight at 7pm at the 60 Wall St atrium. We will have a better space for Monday night. We are asking that every group send at least the Spoke they will send […]

Finance Transparency Statement

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The Finance working group has released a transparency statement on their blog This was announced and printed copies distributed last Friday 10/28/11 at the General Assembly.