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Principals of Solidarity Break-out Discussion

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What is so extraordinary about what we’re doing here together is that we are pre-figuring the world we want to create in the here and now together. So tonight we are going to break up into groups and come up with, collectively, our principals of unity. Our principals about how we make decisions together, we […]

No Police Liaisons

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Extended discussion of the possibility of having police liaisons. Consensus was that we will not have representatives of this body going to police, but we will deal with police as they come to us, and tactical and security and legal will work together to handle this problem.

Occupation of Liberty Plaza

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The following items were decided: We will stay in Liberty Plaza indefinitely We will rename Zuccotti park to Liberty Plaza We will maintain the space and will be responsible for its up keep We will select working and thematic groups Some Groups that have been suggested (and are active): Working Groups: Security, Food, Legal, Tactical, […]