Site Update!

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You may notice some changes to Here’s what happened, and why:

  • The servers went down for ~8 hours last week. Possibly a DDOS attack, but definitely made worse by our social networking plugin (BuddyPress). GREAT job on the detective work, Pea and Ross.
  • The groups feature was thus deactivated. Maintenance costs outweighed the benefits, anyways.
  • Some group-related content was therefore archived. Forums, documents and contacts are preserved, but need users to help move them to the new system. Blogs, events, and main forums are already done.
  • An awesome new theme was set up (Foundation). It’s responsive, so the site now works on tablets and mobile phones!
  • Admin permissions must be reconfirmed if you want to keep adding files!

Please contact us with any twinkles and:

  • Confirmation of admin accounts to keep active
  • Confirmation of groups with active meetings
  • Desire to transition content, style the theme, etc. You’ll learn how our general assembly site works!
  • Questions about anything
  • Jokes

They can take our uptime, but they’ll never take our meetings!

4 Responses to “Site Update!”

  1. bluebelle728

    Hi, I’m sure it was an oversight but the latest listing of events is missing the Occupy Pipeline’s “Divest From TD Bank Day of Action!”. It was up previously and should be put back. The action is taking place this Saturday, Mar 23, at noon. Thanks, Rebekah