#N6 Discussion

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This proposal is not one any single individual should be writing – so the planned schedule is for a discussion at the NYCGA on Saturday, September 22nd in which a proposal will be crafted together, published on NYCGA.net and discussed widely during the following week, then return for consensus on Saturday, September 29th.

The discussion is simple: Election Day. What, if anything, should Occupy be doing for it?

There are plenty of options. “Nothing!” is one of them, and is the one that happens by default if we do not discuss it. We should, however, discuss it rather than accept this default setting, to see if there is anything we want to do by working together.

3 Responses to “#N6 Discussion”

  1. Sean McKeown

    The timeline for this discussion will be shifting somewhat to accommodate the two different communities that are involved. In addition to the in-real-life conversation had on this subject at the 9/22 GA, there is now an online listserve for this discussion, which can be joined by emailing N6-subscribe@lists.occupy.net. There will be a further discussion of this day of action on Monday, October 1st at the OSA office – 220 E 23rd Street, 7th floor, from 6pm to 10pm. There is a Facebook page for that meeting – https://www.facebook.com/events/504042652958351/ – and an event listing will likewise be posted here on NYCGA.net.

  2. Shawn CarriƩ

    It’s ridiculous to call this “N6”.

    A) It has absolutely nothing to do with the anti-globalization movement, where that naming scheme comes out of, and

    B) You’re dealing with the election. Obviously you’re doing that engage with what you believe a majority of Americans care about. Why, then, would you use a term like “N6” that is unfamiliar with the majority of Americans?


    • Sean McKeown

      A) Actually, as you love to remind me of pedantically, the anti-globalization movement would call this #6N, and we are mis-using that hashtag system with our own system instead when we call it #N6. So “N6” is very Occupy, and is separate in individual character from the anti-globalization movement of which Occupy is specifically its own offshoot.

      B) I am asking “what, if anything, should we do that day”. I am not suggesting “engaging with the election,” in any way that would traditionally be recognized as such, but am instead asking what Occupy wants to do and what is within Occupy’s principles to do for that day. Thus, using Occupy nomenclature regardless of whether others would recognize it is perfectly in keeping with what we do – we aren’t doing it, whatever it is, for the same reason Obama supporters and Romney supporters are doing what they’re doing that day.

      The reminder from the name-as-hashtag nomenclature would be that yes, this day is Election Day, but we have our own principles to uphold in anything we may decide to do that day. And for the record, the current leading suggestion is “have a sarcastic victory party at Goldman Sachs, declaring them the real winners of the election.” Pretty sure that’s a perfectly Occupy thing to do on Election Day. :)