Tweets for Wed, 25 Jul 2012

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We’re at LibertySquare! Working groups are wrapping up their meetings, & we’ll gather for #RoundtableReportbacks soon! Livetweets here. #OWS

“Silent Josh the Mute”‘s been printing the #RoundtableReportback tweets! Great job Silent Josh! Pic: 7/11, p1. #OWS

And here’s page 2 of “Silent Josh the Mute’s” #RoundtableReportback flyer for July 11th’s @LibertySqGA tweets. #OWS

And tonight’s #RoundtableReportbacks will be starting on 2 minutes! Stay tuned. #OWS #LibertySquare #GSD

OK, we’re starting tonight’s Liberty Square / #OWS #RoundtableReportback! Follow here for livetweets.

DA’s report back! “Emma Goldman Memorial Popular Assembly, #S17, 7pm-10 at 55 Water. Not an occupation.” #OWS

DA also reports back on the #S17 meeting, but talk to Anthony for the details. #OWS

DA is going to do some actions regarding @TrinityWallSt’s Rector Cooper, who’s caused many people to leave Trinity Church over #OWS trtmnt

There’ll be an action w/ Disability Caucus August 8th, as well. #OWS

Next, Library! “Library is split into three satellite branches right now; part on Governor’s Island.” Temporary, for Summer. #OWS

Also, the People’s Library has a branch at Paul Robeson Freedom School and a new one in front of Trinity, but NYPD have confiscated! #OWS

Reportback from Trinity; the occupation there has been harassed recently by the NYPD. “We’d appreciate people coming down and supporting.”

Specific request for support from livestreamers in front of Trinity. “We’re at the foot of Wall Street; we think it’s a really good spot..”

Anthony notes they’re also doing messaging tying Trinity to Wall Street & vs. banks. They’ll flyer, do outreach if you give them materials.

Anthony: “Livestreaming or tweeting would be great, b/c the cops like to up their harassment when it’s dark and no one is around.” #OWS

Anthony: “They block off the road, so we’re not visible to anyone, so if anyone can come and show support and love, it’d be awesome.” #OWS

Next, Dan from Environmentalist Solidarity WG. Flyering for documentary, the Crisis of Civilization, about our interconnected problems. #OWS

Dan: “The system they’re perpetuating is environmentally unsustainable and unjust.” Crisis of Civilization, Wed. Aug 22, 6:30pm. #OWS

Next, Corporations are not People and Money is Not Speech WG: “We’ve initiated something called the voter’s block, where voters are…” #OWS

Cont’d: “..going to decide whether to vote for ppl on the basis of” their support for a constitutional amendment to get money out politics.

Silent Josh reminds groups to announce meeting times; DA notes they meet Wednesdays at 5:30 here in Liberty Square. #OWS

Next, Billy, @FtheBanks: “Meet here, 5:30, Wednesdays. We’ll be rolling out Wanted Posters for members of JP Morgan, Citigroup, that…” #OWS

Cont’d: “…should be indicted.” Will have indictments prepared for crimes around the 2008 scandal. Need most help w/ investigation on… #OWS

Justin, Info, notes they have info tables at Trinity & Union Square, so give them flyers to distribute. #OWS

Cont’d: “Westchester, Long Island, we’re not opposed to going to their homes” to effect citizens’ arrests. #OWS

Justin also notes the Council on Elders is holding an unconference in Sept, Hacking the Digital Divide – planning mtg Wednesdays at 5. #OWS

Cont’d: “…we conducted a survey of alternative voting methods at #OWS events.. our full report is now online.”!

Next, “2 announcements, 1 question” for us. “First, free movie screening Mon. night, “Lifting the Veil, Obama and the Failure of…” #OWS

“On the basis of that success,” working on exit poll experiments w/ alternative voting on election day. P&ER 6pm Sun, Liberty or 60 Wall.

Cont’d: “…Capitalist Democracy.” Politics and Electoral Reforms. Monday night screening. “Also been working on voting experiment group..”

Next, Values Based Consensus meets Mon, 7, 60 Wall. Running a process different from previously at #OWS, working to train, organize.

Cont’d: …where some of the people in question gather in NYC – “breakfasts, lunches, when they’re at Capitol Grille.” Best to do in public.

Silent Josh reminds groups to announce meeting times; DA notes they meet Wednesdays at 5:30 here in Liberty Square. #OWS

#S17 report back: “Mondays, 6pm, 220 East 23rd Street, 7th Floor.” “Minutes from that are on, go to S17 hub.”

“Also, there was a GA Saturday; there’ll be one Saturday at 7,” proposals for solidarity statements for Disability Caucus, TrinitySleeps.

This Saturday, #OWS Environmental Solidarity will have buses at 7am to go protest fracking on DC. Find on Facebook!

Billy notes a standing consensus in an affinity group to do actions every other week vs. Citizens United and money in politics. #OWS

The next bi-weekly action vs. Citizens United will also be a hard lock, against a specific target, says Billy. #OWS

Anthony thanks everyone. “Yay! We’re free!” OK fam, have a great night. Come get involved! See you next Wednesday in Liberty Square! #OWS

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