Occupy Union Square Encampment & Trinity Sleeps Solidarity Statement

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We Propose the following solidarity statement:

We the community of Occupy Wall Street stand in solidarity with the physical encampment located at Union Square, the ongoing direct action #TrinitySleeps & the continued presence of activists on the steps of Federal Hall known as the #FreedomCage.

We call all stakeholders of #NYCGA, Open Spaces, VBC, OccuEvolve & other affinity groups/ communities currently using the tools of consensus within #OWS to join us in planning regular Community Assemblies if needed and/or appropriate.

We encourage all Working Groups, Affinity Groups, Occupations & members of Occupy Wall Street movement to support their continued efforts to reclaim the commons through direct non violent action.

Working Group: Housing Working Group
email: cultureminds@gmail.com

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