Tweets for Tue, 27 Mar 2012

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We’re getting started with the General Assembly here at 60 Wall Street! Yoni and Josh facilitating. #nycga #ows

We have 32 people here tonight. Starting with reportbacks. First is Mandolin: There will be a discussion on a Collective Council… #NYCGA

…This Thursday 6pm at Union Square. #nycga #ows

There will be a Coordinators Meeting this Thursday at 9am at Union Square. #nycga #ows

Reportback from yesterday’ Community-wide discussion: there were lots of people there, we discussed GA&Spokes,skill shares, & more. #nycga

Stairs is now reviewing the process. #nycga #ows

First proposal is from Direct Action Painters (@DAP). @lmnopie presenting. #nycga #ows

“I had a proposal to ask for $1,000 for printing for a poster I made for #MayDay, but I raised that money independently.” #nycga #ows

So there’s no need for this proposal! Applause. #nycga #ows

Next proposal is from Billy: Moving the GA to Union Square. “The energy & light that once poured into Liberty Square has now…”#nycga #ows

“has organically sprung up in Union Square” Proposal is to move General Assemblies to Union Square. #nycga #ows

This was brought as an emergency proposal-We’re taking a temp. check on whether this GA feels this qualifies as an emergency. #nycga #ows

Temp check was mixed. PoI: An emergency proposal is defined as addressing unforeseeable circumstances that made it impossible…#nycga #ows

…”to be submitted within the 24-hour deadline” #nycga #ows

After some discussion, we did not reach consensus that his is an emergency proposal. Movin on to Sean’s proposal for discussion. #nycga #ows

You can find the full text of the proposal here: #nycga #ows

Ravi PoI’s that @OWSAccounting made good faith efforts to reach out to the proposer,@smcke0wn, before he submitted this proposal.#nycga #ows

We are now breaking out to discuss this proposal. #nycga #ows

Now coming back with reportbacks: First group: “While we think this is a well thought-out proposal, it is redundant, and still..”#nycga #ows

..”doesn’t address some of the core issues of why problems are reoccurring” #nycga #ows

Next is Trish: “I’m very concerned about where we are fiscally. We need to get a neutral outside entity to look at principles of bookkeeping

..and at the model we plan to use and see if it’s and acceptable model. We should interact with Accounting and hold them accountable. #nycga

We have had a lot of problems by giving an entity power without informing the community. #nycga #ows

Trish finishes her rant. Someone PoI’s to clarify Trish’s false claim that Accounting is an autonomous group.It is a GA Working Group #nycga

Two gentlemen add in that we need to work with @OWSAccounting to make sure receipts get scanned & uploaded. #nycga #ows

We’ve reached the end of discussion on this topic, and there are no more agenda items. GA is over! #nycga #ows

Thanks for watching, this has been @shawncarrie for The @LibertySqGA LiveTweeting Team. Thanks fam! See ya next time! #OccupyWallStreet

5 Responses to “Tweets for Tue, 27 Mar 2012”

  1. @CynPrice

    You left off that Ravi, a signer on the account stated that “Accounting would cost $40,000” and that
    they were working on transparency, all not true. I dont think “Signers on the Accounts
    should be making untrue statements or comments on Transparency at all” She also said that “I am a Bookkeeper and manage $10,000,000 also an untrue Statemnt” Why was this left off?

  2. @CynPrice

    And Tom the gentleman also stated that OWS Finance should be an example to every Non Profit to many twinkles. This was also Ommitted.

  3. @CynPrice

    And then Tom was interrupted and siad what he was saying was relevant and not allowed to talk for 2 minutes, yet the Signer on the account was allowed a whole untrue schpeel

  4. @CynPrice

    Im sorry that it is irrelevant. Facilitation, Josh and Yoni was not Impartial, was biased, and did not practice in good faith the duties they swore to do. Be impartial in Facilitaion.

  5. @CynPrice

    And Facilitation ended the G.A. at 9:15, when it started at 7:45, which has never been done in any g.A. i have ever attended. Only cuz the topic was “Transparency” They should not be allowed to Facilitate again.