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#NYCGA is starting at Liberty Square! It’s a lively crowd on this beautiful night. Live tweets here, @LibertySqGA2 thru 4 as usual! #OWS

Stairs: “We have a large GA tonight, and many things on the list to get done, so let’s GSD!” Nelini has the first announcement. #NYCGA #OWS

Nelini; “On Thursday, we’re continuing to target the big, bad Bank of America! We’ll meet 3pm at Pumphouse Park on the waterfront behind…”

Cont’d: “…the World Financial Center! There’ll be furniture involved!” #M15 #FightBAC #OWS

Next, Steve! “Anthony was arrested earlier today, and we’re leaving at 9:30 to do jail support. Or, you can march after the GA. Come!”

Next, Ted: “Just wanted to do an announcement about” what some occupiers are doing upstate. “OccupyFarms, despite its good…”

Cont’d: “…intentions,” have had some problems w/ farms upstate, so folks like him w/ ties upstate are “ameliorating” the relationships.

Cont’d: Ted says they have 2,000 acres now they can “dedicate the feeding the movement.” #nycga #OWS

Next, Joseph “is here to make an announcement that on Sunday, May 20th” all groups are invited to an AIDS Walk in Central Park. #NYCGA #OWS

Kara: “MayDay is going to be an awesome day! We have tons of flyers!” “Anyone can flier! I have a bunch, if you want to come help, find me!”

Yoni’s next. “#OWS can get confusing! I see a lot of new faces here, so I have a whole bunch of declarations and resources- if you want…”

Cont’d: “…one, come see me!” Justin asks if anyone has gotten their Metrocards today, lets us know Housing has had some confusion but are…

Cont’d: …working on getting the cards asap. “We apologize for our confusion. Please find Stan; he’ll have your Metrocards later tonight.”

Legal: “I know #HelloKitty got arrested earlier, is at 7th Precinct” will be transferred to 100 Precinct. Reminds action planners they…

Cont’d: …need to consider jail support as an essential part of an action. If your group plans an action “please be prepared to cover a…”

Cont’d: “…little bit of your jail support.” Will distribute some info on this stuff. #NYCGA #OWS

Next: Zak. “On March 31st, there has been a call for action against capitalism!” Class War Camp will try to bring everyone together to win!

Next: “I’m here on behalf of the Occupy Student Debt campaign. We will be having an event here April 25th.” #NYCGA #OWS

Proposal from a woman who proudly says she is 88. She is introducing the proposer. #ows #nycga

Proposal is to get solidarity for action on April 24th, in DC, Occupy the Justice Dept. #ows #nycga

Proposer: Subject is the oppression of the bottom 1% by the top 1%. That crisis is mass incarceration. #ows #nycga

Will also be standing up for the release of Mumia, who recently got off Death Row. #ows #nycga

Will be asking a lot of us to participate in civil disobedience. Danny Glover, among others, are ready to get arrested. #ows #nycga

Proposer: Will ask us to say that we want jobs, not jails. We should imprison the top 1%, not the bottom. #ows #nycga

One clarifying question: Is this asking for solidarity or support? A: Solidarity. #ows #nycga

One concern: With the wording of the proposal in relation to Bradley Manning, who revealed she is trans and we should respect her name …

… And she should be referred to as Brianna Manning. #ows #nycga

POI from the Queer Caucus: We are very well-versed on this issue, and please some talk to us about this. #ows #nycga

No friendly amendments to this proposal. Standasides? One. #ows #nycga

Proposal is to have #OWS stand in solidarity w/ April 24th occupation of the Justice Dept in DC.

Demands: Release Mumia, end mass incarceration, we want jobs, schools, healthcare, not jail. #ows #nycga for more info. #ows #nycga

FA: Since we can’t speak for the movement, don’t say #OWS supports this, but #NYCGA. Accepted.

No blocks! We have consensus on this solidarity proposal! #ows #nycga

Next proposal: The Queer Caucus wants to become a working group, “Queering #OWS.” Will work on education. #nycga

Queering OWS seeks to eradicate discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation, using outreach. #ows #nycga

CQ: How long have been around? A: Just a couple weeks as a WG but a long time as a caucus. #ows #nycga

CQ: I thought we had a queer group already? A: Our history is we were originally a group called Queering OWS, we became a caucus. …

… Now we want to be a real working group. #ows #nycga

CQ fro Big Chris: I am not against anyone here. I am for anyone who supports the 99% getting rid of capitalism …

… But I am against individuals wanting to be recognized as their own people. We are all fighting together. #ows #nycga

A: The queer community has been oppressed for years. If you’ve been marginalized, start a group too! #ows #nycga

Temp check on moving forward. Good. Concerns? #ows #nycga

Concern (?): I see no problem having a gay working group and us having a unity at #OWS. #nycga

Standasides? No. Blocks? No! Whee!!! We have consensus on Queering OWS becoming a working group! #ows #nycga

We had a 3-minute meditation, then about to start Sean’s Exclusion proposal. #ows #nycga

Stairs is calling attention to the fact there are arguments about an emergency proposal regarding Metrocards and bike funds. #ows #nycga

Stairs: We are going to have Stan explain the issue that’s happening and we can discuss it. #ows #nycga

Stan: Today I woke up and decided not to buy a Metrocard. I know it goes against what #NYCSC and my WG wanted.

Suddenly a bunch of people from the back of the GA started yelling and running off past the red structure. Unclear what that was. #ows

Stan: So I want to propose to move money from Metrocards to a bike fund. #ows #nycga

POI from Chino: [Hard to synopsize. He is really angry.] #ows #nycga

PoI from Camille: This proposal does not come from the bike coalition, and as far as Accounting goes, we are almost out of money. #ows

Clarification: It appears Stan made a decision on his own to not use the money allocated for Metrocards for #OWS … #nycga

… Because he wanted the money to be used for bikes. A lot of people are calling this an unallowable unilateral action. #ows #nycga

Stairs: Please allow this team to facilitate. We have 6 ppl on stack to discuss this. #ows #nycga

CQ from Justin: How do you expect this to work? #ows #nycga

A: The Metrocard money would be moved from Housing to bikes. #ows #nycga

CQ: I just want to hear the proposal so the ppl can decide how to proceed, and we only have a few weeks of money left…

… And maybe ppl want to use money for something more sustainable, since we won’t have Metrocards much longer anyway. #ows #nycga

CQ from David: I want to thank Stan for being willing to take all this crap from everyone and he wants to give ppl in the GA the choice…

…to use the money for bikes that would last much longer than Metrocards. #ows #nycga

POI from Justin: Housing and the Bike Coalition have formed an alliance and the plan always was that for the next budget …

… We would ask for half the money to go to Metrocards and half to bikes. The Spokes Council suggested this. #ows #nycga

Some people asking how we go around this and get the Metrocards that were supposed to be given out tonight. #ows #nycga

Trish: This issue is inappropriate for the GA. It was addressed by #NYCSC, which is where we talk about WG expenditures. #ows #nycga

Trish: It is out of process for GA to be talking about this. #ows #nycga

A disruption while someone may or may not have pushed someone on the stairs and Facilitation asks for space. Much tension. #ows #nycga

CQ: What do you plan to do for transportation when you no longer have Metrocards? #nycga #ows

Answer is drowned out by many people shouting. #ows #nycga

There are repeated calls to have the loud people crowding Facilitation to move back or sit down. They ignore them, repeatedly. #ows #nycga

Stairs temp checks on if we want to keep talking about this. It looks pretty negative. #ows #nycga

More yelling and confusion. #ows #nycga

Stairs: I cannot decide for you what to do here. Someone else needs to bring forth something, eg, an emergency proposal. #ows #nycga

Nick may be bringing an emergency proposal. Lauren mic checks that everyone needs to sit down and respect Facilitation. #ows #nycga

Stairs reminds us what makes something an emergency proposal. #ows #nycga

Stan restates the proposal: To reallocate the $3480 a week for Metrocards to the Bike Coalition. #ows #nycga

Temp check on if this is an emergency proposal. Mostly negative. So we move on. #ows #nycga

Statement from the Bike Coalition: We have been trying to get money for bikes. GA told us we couldn’t do it. #ows #nycga

Cont’d: We want to get money for bikes in a consensed-upon fashion, but we keep hitting bureaucracy. #ows #nycga

Nick’s emergency proposal: That we as a GA consense upon removing Stan as financial point person from Housing and getting the money from him

Temp check on if this is an emergency proposal. Mostly negative. Both these proposals are tabled. #ows #nycga

POI from Lauren: I am ashamed of this GA. When Zak and I started the Metrocard program, it was supposed to be temporary. …

… And we told you we would work on other alternatives. After I left Housing, this GA made the Metrocards permanent. …

… We created a monster and it is tearing this GA apart! I am tired of us yelling at each other! #ows #nycga

Stairs: It has just come to our attention that Stan has Metrocards. We are going to have a 5-minute breakout to process all this. #ows

During the break, there are several verbal altercations happening in various parts of the crowd. #ows #nycga

Stairs tries to bring us back to the next (and last) proposal, but someone says wait till the Metrocards are given out. #ows #nycga

The proposer says she prefers to wait till the GA attention has come back. #ows #nycga

Announcement: Today and yesterday, many of us occupied the park, played games, talked to people, pissed off the cops …

… I think we should continue! (Chant of “All day, all week, Occupy Wall Street!”) #ows #nycga

Announcement from some dude from Newark that he has a place with running water, etc, and people are welcome. #ows #nycga

Stairs trying to bring GA back together. New proposal. #ows #nycga

Proposal for #OWS Fundraiser Benefit Show, to overturn the spending freeze and give money to this. #ows #nycga

Proposer: We have b/w $30K and $40K and will run out of funds in 3-5 weeks. [Ed: It’s more like 2.] #ows #nycga

Cont’d: We need money and should hold a fundraiser, maybe here at the park. #ows #nycga

Cont’d: The event would involve food, music, performances, education. It would cost $4,000. #ows #nycga

CQ: To clarify, this is a GA-funded fundraiser, to lift the spending freeze, and give $4K to the event? #ows #nycga

A: I am open to how we get the money. We might not need all that money if we get a permit to hold it outside. #ows #nycga

CQ from Chris: At first I was against the spending freeze, but I still don’t want unnecessary $ going out to individuals. #ows #nycga

Cont’d: If you want a fundraiser, raise funds. We have talented ppl. We should not lift the spending freeze for this. #ows #nycga

A: This is not to lift the spending freeze across the board, but just for this. #ows #nycga

Continuation of previous concern, is that Chris said we can see what happens when we open the funding floodgates. #ows #nycga

Proposer: I am open to people offering help with this fundraiser or helping raise money or donate a space. #ows #nycga

CQ: How likely is it you think we can get a permit? #ows #nycga

A: We have celebs on our side and we have had events with no problem getting permits before. [Ed: Really?] #ows #nycga

CQ from Trish: What is the $4K for? A: If we need to pay for a space. #ows #nycga

CQ: Are we allowed to give donations right now? A: That’s great and maybe we could have TechOps e-mail our donors to ask for money. #ows

CQ: Why do you need money? Can’t people just donate their time? #ows #nycga

A: There are things that might cost money, like sound equipment, and money not used will go back to the general fund. #ows #nycga

CQ: Is there a fundraising WG at #OWS? A: Yes, FundHub, but I don’t think they can raise $ in 72 hours. #nycga

Stairs temp checks on giving this proposal more time. The temp check gets disrupted by some guys. #ows #nycga

CQ: Have you spoken to TechOps about sending a blast to our donors? Because I think we should contact them again, if only to give updates.

Stairs: That sounds like a friendly amendment and you should bring it up at that point in the process. #ows #nycga

Someone on stack is trying to talk. The drunk disruptor is stepping on me and yelling at women. #ows #nycga

Stairs mic checks that this is the third deescalation we have had at this GA and we need people to move back. #ows #nycga

Stairs: We are over time on this proposal but I would like to see a temp check on moving forward with this proposal. Positive. #ows #nycga

Stairs clarifies: This is not to stop the spending freeze, but to let $4K “leak out” to this event. #ows #nycga

FA: I would suggest that after we find out how much $ the artists and TechOps donors can raise, you come back and ask for how much …

… more you need. #ows #nycga

Proposer wants a temp check on that friendly amendment. Mostly negative. FA not accepted. #ows #nycga

FA from Trish: That you reach out to venues and ask them to donate space, equipment, etc then come back and tell us how much you need. #ows

Cont’d: Because $4K is not much to put on a high-profile event. #ows #nycga

FA from Yoni: As far as process, my FA is you would get the $4K but we would still keep the spending freeze locked. #ows #nycga

Proposer accepts the friendly amendment. #ows #nycga

Proposer restates the proposal with the friendly amendments. 4 standasides. #ows #nycga

One standaside says we shouldn’t be sending e-mails to our 9000 donors. #ows #nycga

Another standaside expresses that this proposal is WAY too vague, has not worked with existing WGs, refuses to community source.

Any blocks? There are 10! First block: I have too many concerns to even state. We don’t get permits, we are not about money, for starters.

Other blocks: It’s dangerous to break the precedent of our spending freeze. Money is the root of all evil.

Another blocker: This proposal is totally out of process. We have an agreement about a spending freeze and how it can be overturned.

Okay, there are so many blocks that it’s clear this does not pass. Stairs says this proposal does not have consensus.

Announcements: Occupy New Haven is being evicted and they are awesome. We should go there. See Yoni.

Announcement from Jail Support: They learned over the weekend how to create safer spaces. Can share this info.

Announcement from @diceytroop: Tomorrow we are launching the Daily Occupier, bringing citizen journalism together!!

Announcement: Three people were arrested in the park today, one may get out late tonight. We’ll need jail support in the morning.

Okay, that’s it for #NYCGA! This has been @CarrieM213 bringing you tweets from Liberty Square!

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