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Hi fam, #NYCSC is getting rolling… follow here, @LibertySqGA, @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3. Livestream: #OWS

The folks who’ve been working on the “grievance process” are reporting back, explaining that they need more ppl involved. #NYCSC #OWS

Someone suggests they keep folks working on outward-facing sites abreast of this process & to help folks deal w/ issues in other projects.

“So, you’re just asking us to keep in mind things on the Internet?” as they work through community agreements. Ravi says they’re working…

Cont’d: …on terms-of-use for sites and community agreements for websites, like, etc. #NYCSC #OWS

“It’s like, online violence. That’s what I’m talking about.” “Well, the community agreements are available for use anywhere.” #NYCSC #OWS

Our two agenda items tonight are discussion-based: one about power and hierarchy, and the second one is about budgeting. #NYCSC #OWS

Justin wants to “bring up this conversation; it’s my belief that #Spoekscouncil take the lead in this violence conversation.” #NYCSC #OWS

He’s referring to an incident when he was attacked as a facilitator. “Every time I bring this conversation, the buck gets passed.” #NYCSC

Cont’d: “I really want to talk about this; I have some ideas. Let’s get this over with. Thank you.” #NYCSC #OWS

Nicole: “So, we’ve been having ongoing conversations about power and resources in the movement. Tonight, we want to really…” #NYCSC #OWS

Cont’d: “…focus on working groups, and what skills you bring and needs you have, and how we an address them in Spokes and in #OWS.” #NYCSC

Cont’d: “First, we want to popcorn a bit about resources.” Tashi adds: “We had a series of dialogues – we called them community dialogues.”

Cont’d: “They took place at 16 Beaver and other spaces; last Friday they were facilitated w/ an open spaces model at Unity Hall.” #NYCSC

Cont’d: “One was specifically about Internet resources… last time we talked about concrete steps to address these challenges.” #NYCSC #OWS

They’ll bring it to the GA Thursday. “We’ve tried to establish some point of unity, and if you’re interested in being part of this, give..”

Cont’d: “…us your email address, and we also collect all information produced in these discussions and send them to whoever’s interested.”

They want to have this conversation in a continuous form. “Now, we’d like to take some time to think about — pop corning how we feel…”

Cont’d: “..about resources.” Will break out into spokes groups for 5 minutes to discuss, and then we’ll report back. #NYCSC #OWS

OK, we’re reporting back. First: “Time, people, past experiences people bring here, people being able to be present w/ one another.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “Then we talked about money; it’s a way we buy things; others felt it’s not a resource but rather contains and controls resources.”

Cont’d: “..and it’s problematic to think of it as a resource.” Next: “We talked about privilege, access to resources like higher education..

Cont’d: “..and technology — computers, resources. Popularity is a resource to get things done; one of the things we talked about in the..”

Cont’d: “ meeting, if you’ve been in this movement since the beginning you might not have to go to WG meetings and GAs and..”

Cont’d: “…Spokes in order to get stuff done. So that’s a resource in our eyes.” Next: “Knowledge, past experience and stuff.” #NYCSC #OWS

Next, contacts; being able to get in touch w/ ppl inside and outside the movement. “We came up with the idea that resources are everything.”

Cont’d: “And then other people reconfigured and… we talked about triggers.” “Triggers happen; we all come to this group equally…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “We can’t control what happens in the outside world, but here, we’re all on the same footing.” Someone clarifies talking about…

Cont’d: …preconceptions based on visual triggers. Next: it’s harder to share resources now than it was during the occupation. #NYCSC #OWS

Next: “Our principles, values, brainpower.” “Trust.” Nicole says it’s a great list, reads it back. #NYCSC #OWS

Nicole: “As a working group, what are resources that you as a working group has access to? And what are resources yr WG needs to function?”

We’ll break out for a few minutes again then report back. #NYCSC #OWS

OK, we’re coming back. “Hopefully this was helpful and you now have a better understanding of the kind of work we’re doing.” #NYCSC #OWS

Cont’d: “We’re going to report back resources and needs we have as working groups.” #NYCSC #OWS

First, Accounting, Translation, DA, Solidarity worked together: “We had a really good discussion.” Most of the projects Ravi is… #NYCSC

Cont’d: “…involved in need more people. Intelligent, reliable people.” Segued into “this extended discussion about” reason getting that…

Cont’d: a challenge. “One of the projects I’ve been involved in is orientation; noon, Saturday, 60 wall every week.” #NYCSC #OWS

Cont’d: “It’s really fun, except we send people to projects and working groups, and not to GA.” Unfair to send ppl to GA. “They’d never…”

Cont’d: “…come back.” Ravi’s Mom wants to come, but can’t do that. “One of the resources we’ve squandered is our community,” taking care…

Cont’d: “…of one another.” How do we bring that back? It’s hard when you don’t have “somewhere can go where something’s always happening.”

Cont’d: “We don’t really know one another, so we end up getting siloed into working groups” — they’re “functional, useful, but they’re..”

Cont’d: “…like a transition between old way of thinking and new way of thinking.” “The difficulty w/o a 24-hour physical occupation is…”

Cont’d: “ do you find those resources?” “They’re really human… that’s the resource we lack right now, that social cohesion.” #NYCSC

Occupy Info: “Info, obviously, is our biggest resource, but it’s the biggest thing we need. Communication is one of the biggest…” #NYCSC

Cont’d: “…resources we have as a group, but we need more of it.” Next: DA notes that the “affinity” they have is both an asset and… #NYCSC

Cont’d: …a challenge. “People trust it, but it’s also very exclusive.” Hard to plug ppl directly into action spokes or DA meetings. #NYCSC

Cont’d: “Everyone thinks they’re an undercover cop, right? And you don’ want to be that guy bringing the undercover cop.” #NYCSC #OWS

Note that DA has the ability to run OWS’ actions without going through GA, which was a resource, and also causes folks to flood DA w/ ideas.

Cont’d: “All the working groups are direct action, right? The movement itself is a DA. But since it’s a working group, it kind of — like..”

Cont’d: “…Kitchen sometimes feels like they can’t do their own action and come to DA to get permission.” Need more inclusivity. #NYCSC #OWS

Media: “We touched on resources like livestream, twitter, we have a twitter account w/ the Tweetboat w/ 100-something-thousand followers…”

Cont’d: “…cameras, the ability to document actions and police brutality, the ability to reach large audiences in short amount of time…”

Cont’d: “…through livestream, twitter, YouTube, etc.” “We have the ability to be narratives and counter narratives to mainstream media…”

Cont’d: “Sometimes you have the ability to de-escalate police due to large amount of media presence; have ability to teach ppl to use same..

Cont’d: “…resources.” “We need more collaboration and info from other working groups, b/c w/o other WGs and actions and knowledge of…”

Cont’d: “…actions, media can’t really produce anything.” Press: “Press has contacts to media outlets and journalists, and networks to..”

Cont’d: “…disseminate press releases and stuff, we have experience writing press releases and media work and need help w/ emails…” #NYCSC

Cont’d: “…and menial tasks, like everyone else.” Fiber Arts says one resource “was our positive presence in that park.” #NYCSC #OWS

Cont’d: “I’d get up to 7 ppl knitting or sewing,” “we drew the public to us — people would come and say, you look welcoming, I want to…”

Cont’d: “…talk to you. We were doing great outreach, just sitting and knitting. That’s one of our biggest resources.” #NYCSC #OWS

PtH drops science about resources relating to “internalized racial superiority, internalized racial inferiority,” want to get that out.

Cont’d: And they need more active support. De-escalation says they need “women on this de-escalation team,” for various situations… #NYCSC

Cont’d: “We have some skilled people… but we need women on the team.” Already doing main actions, but “if and when we pass the meeting..”

Cont’d: “…agreements about how we conduct ourselves within Spoke,” and if de-escalation is a part of that, they’ll have at least a… #NYCSC

Cont’d: “…couple of people at each Spokes.” Next, Empowerment and Education: “Access to space, mostly at unis, we have…” #nyCSC #OWS

Cont’d: “…a pretty solid contact group with students, academic, students groups, have pretty good cohesion, commitment, ideas…” #NYCSC #OWS

Cont’d: “…protocols, ideas for improving education, resources, copying, printing, hospitality.” The name “occupy” is a huge resource.

Cont’d: “I think what we need is time; if we didn’t have jobs, most of us, that would be really good. We’d be set to go.” #NYCSC #OWS

Cont’d: “Collaboration, and probably another resource we need is perspective.” #NYCSC #OWs

Facilitation “will start with what we feel like we have access to”; “we don’t think it’s always tangible what Facilitation brings to the…”

Cont’d: “…table; we don’t have physical resources as other groups do.” Have people who are trained in process of helping all voices to..

Cont’d: …be heard and function better, training, direct democracy training, presentation of process, emotional equilibrium, and space.

Cont’d: “And needs, we need space (when we can’t find one), support, cooperation, compassion from the community, internal…”

Cont’d: “…organization in our group, a diversity of trainings — de-escalation, others. We need constructive feedback from the community.”

Town Planning: “Town Planning’s the polar opposite of facilitation in a lot of ways, as far as their intangible resources.” #NYCSC #OWs

Cont’d: “TP developed out of Liberty Square in efforts to ensure that there weren’t conflicts for physical resources in the park.” #NYCSC

Cont’d: “And it continues, though that definition” has changed; notes there are still many common resources in SIS. #NYCSC #OWS

Cont’d: “So, not materials that are meant to be consumed by individuals; more materials meant to be dispensed to individuals, like…” #NYCSC

Cont’D: “…clothing or medical supply — stuff that is meant to be consumed or used as durable goods by the group” — tents, rope, lumber…

Cont’d: …nails. “What we need? A better accountability process; we’re sort of working on that.” Say it’s all TP talks about. #NYCSC #OWs

Robert (TP) also says we need more indignation “at a common target.” #NYCSC #OWS

Nicole: “We all heard what we do and don’t have access to;” notes a lot of what was needed, others have. #NYCSC #OWS

Tashi: “We all are resources to each other, so it’s a question of how we exchange resources, and connect.” #NYCSC #OWS

Tashi: “We asked a similar question at the GA Thursday: what are good ways for you to distribute resources?” Generate, access, or distro.

Cont’d: “And I would like to just read from the paper, as an inspiration from what the GA folks came up with. There was a lot about…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…skill-sharing, skill-building, a lot about the challenge of becoming more outward facing, working groups becoming…” #NYCSC

Cont’d: …more productive, “rotating positions, ways of using resources or assigning resources like money growing other resources (instead..

Cont’D: “…of weakening them.)” Shouts out Permabank. “Accountability, info before actions, MRG comes at a cost and might not be worth it.”

Nicole says some more: “Transparency, balance distribution, skill-shares, education, kind of balancing out. It’s interesting to note…”

Cont’d: “…that folks at GA not in WGs are wanting to be skilled, and I heard here a lot of ppl needing skilled people.” #NYCSC #OWs

Marisa explains that the purpose of these convos is to solve collective problems, so we’ll break out and pick each others’ brains about…

Cont’d: …ways to distribute and generate more resources. “We’ll break up and talk about [that], across WGs and from movement…” #NYCSC

Cont’D: “…how we can share resources in a way that can create more resources.” Tashi notes that resources are a continuum. “Not just money..

Cont’d: “…it’s so much more.” Marisa notes that over last 2-3wks, asking about resources, money rarely comes up. People, space more common.

OK, we’re back. First: “I don’t think anyone’s going to like what I have to say — we’re a leaderless movement, and we don’t have…”

Cont’d: “…like, a hierarchy, a tree structure — we’re a loose confederation of different ideas and people, w/ a message we’re trying to…”

Cont’d: “…get across, and now we’re talking about resources. How you get, acquire, use resources generally takes a very good operation..”

Cont’d: “…and organization, which eventually would require us to adopt some type of leadership.” Notes many don’t like this… #NYCSC #OWS

Cont’d: …but he feels we’ll hafta “adapt sm fragments of those things” we don’t lk. Facetiously ask anarchists not to stone him. #NYCSC #OWS

Marisa feels that we can “tighten in a horizontal fashion,” “it’s possible, but very different from how we’re taught to think.” #NYCSC #OWS

Cont’d: “We want to allocate resources in a way that is most beneficial to everyone.” Sorry, that’s Nicole actually. #NYCSC #OWS

TechOps notes that “one of the things we’re doing right now at is finding tools for ppl to use for various things..”

Cont’d: “…including Permabank,” which she says has really enormous benefits. Suggests we check out . #NYCSC #OWS

Ravi says has a lot of tools in the same areas and are trying to figure out what the best ones are. #NYCSC #OWS

Ravi notes that we’re also starting to see resource sharing of time and people in TechOps, from places where there’s extra help available.

Cont’d: “We really need as much input from the community as possible; meet 6pm at 60 Wall, Weds and Sun.” Says TechOps have great meetings.

Cont’d: “It’s shocking and amazing, and you should go because it’ll make you feel better about” the movement. #NYCSC #OWS

Robert: “Our job is to Occupy Wall Street. All the resources come from that;” nowhere else except for folks who “primed the pump.” #NYCSC

Facilitation suggests that Spokescouncil become a place to bring ideas, that we need a “registry of needs,” Press says could do trainings…

Cont’d: …if they had more people, quite a catch 22. “Occupy University” is an idea lifted up as “one way to share skills.” #NYCSC #OWS

“It’s surprising how much overlap there is,” between peoples’ needs in the movement. They have lots of info to synthesize. #NYCSC #OWS

Cont’d: “We’ll be at Occupy University / Open Space” Friday. And they’ll be at GA Thursday, sharing w/ them what Spokes said tonight.

Cont’d: “And Friday, that’s 6:00 at 235 West 23rd street — Unity Hall.” #NYCSC #OWS

OK, moving onto Sean’s proposal. “We’ve talked a lot about how we need to make a budget,” should do it now before we’re just broke. #NYCSC

Cont’d: “There’s this thing called the Movement Resource Group that might be providing the money instead of us.” Suggests that “if you…”

Cont’d: “…want to be optimistic about this thing,” if we make a budget, maybe they’ll put the money into the general fund. #NYCSC #OWS

Cont’d: “Or we can use it to reoccupy,” even if we don’t sleep there. Suggests we discuss items exempt from spending freeze, and then…

Cont’d: …on Wednesday, we’d talk about the money that’s been frozen. “We’d all consense on a budget then take it from GA.” #NYCSC #OWS

Cont’d: Feels we should talk about what we “want” to spend, instead of starting with what we have, and then looking for $ we need. #nycsc

Stairs notes that “there’s a little desire” to open a short stack just to talk about the idea of this proposal in general. #NYCSC #OWS

Ravi: “First, unless we’re trying to present a budget to GA Thursday, it’s a moot point.” We’ll be out of $. #NYCSC #OWS

Cont’d: “This $ was given to us in trust, and we haven’t been the best stewards of it. At the same time, I think if we’re going to have..”

Cont’d: “..a larger discussion, one of the things we’ve talked about in Accounting,” it functions in a vacuum. Not many guidelines.#NYCSC

Cont’d: “If we question a receipt that’s brought to us, what do we do? Like, what do we do? Seriously. Bring them to GA or Spokes?” #NYCSC

Cont’d: “Are we empowered to be the ones — are we the bad cops?” Psychologically very difficult for folks to confront malfeasance. #NYCSC

Cont’d: “I think this discussion needs to happen before the AWG” — “I don’t feel comfortable w/ us taking in any $ until we figure it out.”

Someone: “I don’t think this is realistic; the idea of having a budget for every group that needs one; I don’t think it’s going to happen..”

Cont’d: “…in time.” “Later on, it might be good.” Next: “It’s going to be horribly bad when we run out of money; they’ll say, look at…”

Cont’d: “…these people; they’re hypocrites” complaining about bank irresponsibility, yet we spent half a mil. #NYCSC #OWS

Cont’d: “No one likes to talk about $. It’s a hard, bitter discussion.” “There’s really no excuse why we don’t have a budget now” except…

Cont’d: …we don’t want to talk about it. Sustainability: “We have this idea that we don’t use money if as a movement we want to get rid of..

Cont’d: “…corruption.” Says another Occupation stopped using money. “I know I haven’t slept in a church in 3 months and that…” #NYCSC

Cont’d: “…I’m homeless.” Knows there are ways for people to find anything they need in this wacky town. Proposes we burn $ on Wall Street.

Stairs temp checks whether folks want to do breakout groups or a general discussion; looks like about 15 minutes of general stack. #NYCSC

Someone points out that “as someone who has thousands of dollars of debt”, it perturbs her when ppl talk about just burning $. #NYCSC #OWS

Cont’d: “It’s really insulting.” #NYCSC #OWS

Nicole: “We’re gonna run out of money — fine. But we’re probably going to get more again someday,” need to solve this problem. #NYCSC #OWS

Cont’d: Nicole optimistically states that if we take care of this now, then later on, everyone will be happy! #NYCSC #OWS

Shawn suggests we have a Spokescouncil Friday just to continue this discussion. #NYCSC #OWS

Sean suggests that something easier might be just to get everyone to the meetings on time. Facilitation notes that we didn’t get quorum…

Cont’d: …til about 8. Nicole notes that that’s a huge issue, suggests we need Outreach to make sure “this is a meeting ppl come to.” #NYCSC

Stairs brings us towards closing w/ announcements! “The new Tidal dropped today!” (Tidal is a rad #Occupy journal of theory, not to miss.)

Cont’d: “There will be an action Times Square, March 19th, 5pm,” re: Iraq. “Tomorrow at 10am” will be orientation for Occupy the Faith…

Cont’d: …action, which will happen on March 7th, about Governor Cuomo’s budget cuts to social services. Will be arrestable. #NYCSC #OWS

Steve: “Anyone interested in live streaming, livetweeting, citizen journalism, come talk to me” about @DailyOcc! #NYCSC #OWS

Next, PoCC and Labor Outreach “are having a workers of color and labor forum/panel,” Wednesday, 6-8:30, then Friday, a teach-in 5-9, Judson.

They’ll have a panel w/ a former Black Panther and others who’ve been arrested by government for political activity. #NYCSC #OWs

Marisa tells us she’s being flown to London Friday, will be there for a week, and will work w/ Occupy London and others! #NYCSC #OWS

Also, tomorrow, at 8am, there’s an unemployment line that’ll run from the Bull to Union Square. #NYCSC #OWS

And we close with a unity clap! Thanks fam. Have a good night. #NYCSC #OWS

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