Proposal to reply to letter of solidarity from pelican bay and corcoran prisoners

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Proposal to reply to letter of solidarity from pelican bay and corcoran prisoners

Presenter Cari Machet

Working Group: anti-repression committee subgroup of activist legal working group

We were sent a letter of solidarity from pelican bay and corcoran prisoners as
they were on a hunger strike and we would like to reply to their letter to us. i have
linked the letter (above) to  this proposal as it is a 22 page letter

Here is our reply:


To Our Brothers in the NCTT, Pelican Bay SHU and Corcoran SHU, imprisoned
by the unjust society we live in:

Occupy Wall Street is honored to have received your intelligent, life affirming and
empowering words. We find ourselves in unthinkable times – our prisons are
overflowing as never before – the prison industrial complex is globally fraught with
profound suffering and shocking levels of injustice.

You all must know that your struggle is of great concern to us. At Occupy Wall
Street here in New York City we have many working groups and subgroups that
work tirelessly on coming to solution with myriad issues in the Justice System.
Our working groups and subgroups, such as Prisoner Solidarity (subgroup of our
People of Color Working Group), the Immigration Worker Justice Working Group,
the Anti-Repression Committee (a subgroup of our Legal Working Group), and of
course our Legal Working Group, are working tirelessly on solutions for the myr-
iad of issues in the justice system.

You are not alone we are all here for our lives and although our sense of purpose
is strong, we know that we stand on shoulders of giants (as they say), we know
our history of revolt, and we are humbled by those such as the NCTT who have
been fighting for justice before Occupy Wall Street came to be.

We stand in solidarity with you as you fight for the abolition of solitary confine-
ment, and are saddened by the profound struggle you are in for your rights as
stipulated by International Humanitarian Law, the US Commission on Safety and
Abuse in America’s Prisons 2006 Recommendations, not to mention the Consti-
tution of the United States. The destructive constructs built with bricks to jail you
are also constructs built in our hearts and minds, but they will not remain. It will
take time but we will not relent.

The economic system of empire has proven itself unworthy of human dignity, this
inhumane system has many ramifications The spirit of mankind will no longer re-
main silent and our voices can no longer be purchased or commodified when in-
justice has risen to such a degree that we see in our times.

There is much work to do and we are working every day, every hour, globally, on
many levels. We have organized demonstrations against the prison industrial
complex, and we are also organizing an in depth response to your thought

provoking letter to us, as well as the rigorous analysis in your most recent writing,
Discussion on Strategy for the Occupy Movement from Behind Enemy Lines.
Because Occupy Wall Street works on an inclusive, directly democratic platform,
we are seeking consensus from our members in our response. This process is
slower than other processies enacted in our culture but it means that each par-
ticipant will have a greater understanding of issues and all our voices will be in-
cluded for a more impactful outcome. We hope you understand the complexities
under which we work, the diligence we undergo in preparing a worthy response,
and the reverence with which we hold the opportunity to engage in dialogue with

Solidarity, love, compassion, empathy and health to you all and deep gratitude
for holding us in your esteem – we are humbled by the task.

Occupy Wall Street – Anti-Repression Committee

Link to Letter form

2 Responses to “Proposal to reply to letter of solidarity from pelican bay and corcoran prisoners”

  1. Hermes C Liberty (Abu)

    Nothing but positive reception of your honorable initiative. I totally support it .