Proposal to move the rest of OWS FUND into the BAIL FUND..

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Proposal to move the rest of OWS FUND into the BAIL FUND..

On September 17th when a group of activists sat down in Liberty Square no one knew how things would play out. As the weeks passed on and as our story began to spread across the country it resonated with people. It gave them hope that it was finally time to challenge the systems currently in place.
One of the main issues at the heart of this protest is the misuse of funds. OWS is calling for transparency from the 1%, OWS is calling for alternative banking models, OWS is calling for gift economies.
Supporters have moved money to local banks and credit unions, supporters are working towards better self sustainability
and now we need to look to ourselves ..
in a few weeks the money will be spent..
and yes we have supported ourselves, we have supported actions across the country from NYC to Oakland
but We are about to enter into spring .. and May Day is on the horizon.
There is one aspect of protesting that we can not avoid Bail.. and for that we need MONEY
We have a bail fund but it will dry out as well..
Right now there is no better sign of solidarity than jail support and bail.
I propose that in solidarity with each of us we consense to move all remaining funds into the bail fund so that come may day we have the resources to help each other in a time of need.
For anyone who has sat in jail be it 5 hours or 48 hours you know the injustice of the system. For anyone who has done jail support or posted bail you have seen first hand how happy and relieved and frustrated people are when they get out of the system

Christine O’Heron

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  1. Trish OWS

    OWS Community,

    On Sept. 17, in Liberty Square Park, many had no idea that there were those who had been plotting and planning an organizing an initiative which ultimately would not be inclusive or transparent to the many involved.

    The most divisive and convoluted issue of this movement has been the lack of transparency from the Finance/Accounting WG.

    We know very little of supporters moving money…Period.

    Supposingly, in a few weeks the money … will be gone?

    Yes, we have supported ourselves, yes, we have supported some actions??? And, yes there is a GIGANTIC ISSUE of transparency/accountability, which has not to date been addressed.

    BOTTOM LINE: When there are no longer fiscal resources (Finance/Accounting), The GA no longer has access to any fiscal resources AND FINANCE/ACCOUNTING WG CAN BE DISSLOVED.

    Some OWS WG’s will be entirely, depended upon fund raising. NOT a bad thing, BUT, Fundraising to sustain a facade of ….WHAT?

    OTHER, WG’s will have resources, housing, stipend, transportation, a livelihood provided by: Spokes designated operational groups, caucuses, etc.

    Lead by five-seven individual, selected ….to speak for nearly one-hundred (100) OWS WG’s. Regarding actions, etc in the name of The 99%, (COLLECTIVE).

    Moving all funds, to Bail, to be used in the time of NEED, means when we are in JAIL AND NEED TO GET OUT!



    In Solidarity

    • Trish OWS


      I’m sooooo, happy that I take a photo of my posting!

      This is surreal, and the beat goes on, and on ,and on…

      BOTTOM LINE: Lock down (Spending Freeze), do not lift the

      spending freeze and DO NOT MOVE OWS FUNDS to any legal


      Hold Finance/Accounting accountable.

      the power of the people will never be defeated!

  2. Trish OWS


    Allow our Monied affinity groups to bail out any and all stake-holders who are

    arrested in the name of OWS and it’s actions.

    This is the only reason we as a community would seriously need their solidarity.

    Allow is to preserve our fiscal resources, that the OWS would not be cash

    strapped, for immediate emergencies.

    • DirekConek (aka Dallas)

      Fair warning (not that I think it will be necessary):

      if the bail fund prop or this prop were to be amended to allow anyone acting outside of the GA to decide who does or does not get bailed out for incarceration directly related to OWS consensed actions…. I will without a doubt block.

      The one thing I am definitely *against* letting Ben, Jerry or anyone not participating in the NYCGA decide is which ones of us get out of jail first. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

  3. Siobhan Ogilvie

    am I misinformed? Isn’t the vast majority of our funds ($99,999,999.99 + the $2.00 interest we probably earned) already in a bail fund and this proposal is talking about maybe $15-$20,000 that we have left? To me that seems like a more then enough bail fund. Let’s say it isn’t and we start seeing arrests in the thousands (again) and we start bleeding that bail fund which is very possible. Given our history if that happened we would start seeing our national fiscal support grow again – especially if we stick to the original message and broad appeal that we were successful with in the past. We would then be able to replenish the fund because once again people would stand proudly with us. Cleaning out the little that is left seems like a sneaky tactic to starve the movement as it is today. I have mega issues with where we are today but manipulating change is how we got here and why there is so much resentment. Doing it again for whatever the agenda is would only breed even more resentment. Quite frankly this sounds more like a move our congress would make to manipulate the president then where we should be.

    As for Ben & Jerry that is absurd to make a statement like that. No one is forcing anyone to apply for funding from the MRG. If you want to request funding, go ahead. If you don’t want it don’t but don’t put others down for taking advantage of resources out there. I haven’t yet heard anyone say we should turn over our accounts to them. They can spend there money where they want to. Just like when I saw the decisions GA was making to be against my morals, I chose to support the working groups individually that I did agree with. They are doing the same thing on a grand scale. They don’t have to do anything and anyone can say no. I am grateful they are putting their money where their mouths are. If GA was the same as it was in October they probably wouldn’t have felt the need to fund as they are but as a whole NYCGA has not proven to be responsible. If we get our act together again and work together to bring in the entire 99% (and the 1%ers on our side) instead of a my way or the highway mentality my guess is the strings wont be as bureaucratic. It’s up to us – not up to them.

    • DirekConek (aka Dallas)

      You do realize that Trish’s post says that we should go to affinity groups for bail, right?

      It’s not about Ben or Jerry, just like none of the times I’ve used Pete’s or Haywood names as examples of the scapegoat du jour were particularly about them. Point is, we (as the NYCGA) set aside a bail fund precisely so we would have final say on whether all OWS participants needing bail get bailed out.

      Why in the heck would we go and mess up something where we actually have properly practiced CYA?

  4. DirekConek (aka Dallas)

    <<<<<< Is now waiting for some troll to say we bollixed $100M 😉

    I know, I know, typo…

  5. Trish OWS

    OWS community,

    BAG, OMG, MRG, etc (all monied affinity groups) we, as a movement will not

    know any more than unknown leaders will allow.

    Our best bet is to toe the line with Spokes/Finance/Monied Affinity Groups for

    whatever…and monitor all proposals which has to do with OWS as a whole!


  6. Trish OWS

    September/October 2011,

    There’s money in this corner, there’s money in that corner, there’s money

    here, and money, there…

    Money in that back pack, money in this back pack….

    Money designated for that (new) working group, and money designated for

    this working group?

    OH, oh, oh… and money donated for this special project, and money donated

    for that one too…and never the two should collide (mix).

    Money, money, money everywhere…$300,000, in the park (it’s said)?

    AND YET…there are those who want is to think (FINANCE WG), money is evil,

    money is the problem, LET’S GET RID OF THE MONEY, give it to the lawyers,

    (any questions, speak to the lawyers)!

    Don’t believe it, my friends…

    Money is GOOD, money is NECESSARY…(ask,BAG,OMG,MRG)



    (Not at the mercy of unknown special interest)

  7. jason ugenti

    I dont thing those groups have any interest in bailing out people from jail