Proposal to form ‘Liberate Liberty Pl.’ Working Group

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Working Group Title: ‘Liberate Liberty Pl.’

Proposer: Nicolas P de Mones

Without our park as headquarters we’ve lost the main base camp for the
OWS movement, and the center of all its activities. And even though we continue to
strive, we’re in NYC, we’re Occupy Wall Street, we’re the symbol of the revolution,
and we need a stage to play our leading role – Liberty Plaza Park is that place. When
occupying, we were all exchanging ideas. Sometimes we even debated with Wall
Street bankers except when they were told by Goldman Sachs to stay away from the
park. Our working group wants to stress the importance of the park to our fellow
occupiers, and the general public alike, sort of like the Cultural Occupation of Liberty
Sq. did on Feb. 28th, as a dialogue for ideas, to better educate the public, to associate
with one another, and create initiative. Our working group will work on giving us
the means to acquire the park back!

All we really need in this park is to be able to set up a small sign, with a
table, to present and canvass an issue we feel our government has either ignored or
seriously mishandled. We have a community of people who want to change things
for real! The energy in that park made Wall Street tremble! Yes, we all agree this
is the time for change! A lot of demands have to be met! And Liberty Pl. can give
the 99% the means to address all these issues, and ultimately resolve them as a

If this park is ours we can give citizens their true right to free speech, to
argue, assemble, associate and educate themselves about topics that they feel
concerned about. The topics that are included include, but are not limited to politics,
science, ecology, sustainability, discrimination, etc. — mostly everything except

We want to officiate our park as a public political platform and a meetinghouse for
any citizen to freely discuss and associate with one another. We want this park –
Liberty Plaza Park – to be recognized by our city, New York, and its mayor.



• Our Voices Need Space ! Protests come from a need; the need to express another way to do

• We Need a Meetinghouse for Ideas! Imagine a park where all issues and solutions would

• The People Need to Associate with One Another (Community)

• We Need to be Educated on Key Issues. Through our debate of ideas we develop our

14 Responses to “Proposal to form ‘Liberate Liberty Pl.’ Working Group”

  1. DirekConek (aka Dallas)

    Major uptwinkles to changing the name back to Liberty Plaza!

  2. Chris Black

    Reclaiming the park, and emphasizing the importance of *home* are worthy goals. Not sure we need a WG to accomplish them, or just going back there to re-Occupy….

  3. DirekConek (aka Dallas)

    Well… the sign used to say Liberty Plaza when i used to skate there as a kid. Besides which, it’s not square.

  4. Hermes C Liberty (Abu)

    Definitely a good idea, but this is almost done by Think-Tank although in a slightly different form. Might not need to be a WG for that.

  5. Adrien de Mones

    Liberty plaza needs to become public. It holds no value as a “privately owned public park”. I believe that if the park is renamed and is owned by the people, that means as well as the Estate and the government, it will hold a value that will become symbolic and powerful, and most of all effective for the people. This is the achievement we should be striving for: Giving an example of democracy to the world through the symbol of freedom, and the expression of our will to be active in our community, show the love we have to live together as a free people.

    • Monica McLaughlin

      @ademones, it is privately owned land. I dont believe that a goal of the Occupy movement is to take privately owned land away.

  6. DirekConek (aka Dallas)

    Depends how you mean “owned by the people”. If you mean “owned by the City Corporation and administered by NYC Parks Dept.” that would be worse, as they would then put up fences and lock them from midnight to 6 AM daily.

    Actually I’d bet they’d also put in a playground area… not because they care about kids, but because it could then be used as an excuse to bar people who don’t have kids.

    • Monica McLaughlin

      @direkconek, my thoughts exactly. And the Parks Dept. run by Adriene Benebe under Bloomberg is a very, very rigid organization. They care nothing about people.

  7. Tom

    I believe that Park is to be respected. a little late-night wiki>>
    “The park, formerly called Liberty Plaza Park, was created in 1968 by Pittsburgh-based U.S. Steel in return for a height bonus for an adjacent building at the time of its construction. (The U.S. Steel Building, which replaced the demolished Singer Building, is now known as One Liberty Plaza)
    The park was one of the few open spaces with tables and seats in the Financial District. Located one block from the World Trade Center, it was covered with debris, and subsequently used as a staging area for the recovery efforts after the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.
    As part of the Lower Manhattan rebuilding efforts, the park was regraded, trees were planted, and the tables and seating restored.”

  8. Tom

    I meant to say Liberty should be Occupied Respectfully and busily as it was except without the living there part for now!

  9. Nicolas

    Hey guys!
    I love your feedback. We’ve been accepted as a WG the 10tth by GA. We’ve held three meetings but we need more people to work with us. Our next meeting is on Thurrsday the 22nd at 7pm. Please come if you’re interested in the idea!
    It would be great to talk more about getting our park back and Occupy with Ideas.