Proposal for Tsampa Revolution Non-Violent Solidarity Statement

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Being Brought via Council of Elders & Tibetan Activists of the NYC Area.

Tsampa Revolution Solidarity Proposal:

Over the past 53 years, the world has watched silently as the Tibetan people non-violently struggled against China’s colonial rule.

In the past year alone, we have witnessed barbaric acts of repression by Chinese security forces in Tibet.

Since March 2011, over twenty Buddhist monks, nuns, and laypeople have set fire to themselves in protest.

Their demands were clear – Some form of Political Independence for Tibet and the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet. We have heard their cries.

Determined to break this silence, we send our strongest solidarity and lasting support to the people of Tibet in their continued non-violent struggle for freedom.

The systematic destruction of Tibet’s unique culture, economic marginalization of Tibetans, destructive mining and environmental degradation, “patriotic re-education” of dissidents, and the indiscriminate shooting of peaceful protesters is unacceptable. These acts are cruel and shameful. We share the anger of the Tibetan people and their desires for freedom. Indeed, we share the same principles of freedom, equality, and self-determination in our movement.

We especially recognize the courageous actions of Tibetan youths who risk their lives protesting for freedom. Across the globe, from Tiananmen Square to Tahrir Square, from Syria to Wall Street, youth has been the backbone of revolutions.

The passion and courage of Tibet’s new is an inspiration to young people across the globe.

We stand united with this ongoing Tibetan resistance movement that is now being called the “Tsampa Revolution”, named after the staple food of Tibet.

We express our collective grief for more than twenty Buddhist monks, nuns, and laypeople that set themselves on fire demanding freedom.

Because we are aware that grief alone does not bring about revolutionary change, we recognize March 10th, 2012,
the “53rd Tibetan National Uprising Day” and stand with our Tibetan brothers and sisters fighting for the right to live in peace and freedom like every other human being.

Sentence for Consensus:

#OWS Stands in Solidarity with those engaged in the 53 Year Old Non-Violent Tsampa Revolution & Call on all #Occupy friends, allies & supporters alike to join their local March 10th Tibetan Uprising Anniversary Events to raise awareness about the marginalization of the Tibetan 99%.

Long Live Occupy & His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

17 Responses to “Proposal for Tsampa Revolution Non-Violent Solidarity Statement”

  1. Nick Gulotta

    I completely support this proposal! The Tibetan Freedom Struggle is both important and relevant. They deserve our support and action. Tibet will be free!

  2. Queer Homo

    Major uptwinkles.
    The Tibetans know the power of Non-Violent Direct Action &
    the need for community building as a basis for Direct Democracy.

  3. Jigme Ugen

    #Occupy China.
    The 99% need to be the voice of justice and truth on behalf of this world. I support this resolution. This is the greatest and prime example of building solidarity.

  4. free tibet

    This resolution marks the beginning of a new front in the fight against genocide, inhumanity, corruption, and the 0.0001% – The Chinese Communist Party and the Peoples Republic of China. We cannot stand idly by as Tibetans are in the midst of NonViolent Revolution…PLease support this resolution and the Tibetan people will be eternally grateful!

    • JACK

      f r e e t i b e t et al: The Dalai Lama is The 1% or 2% or 3%,,,,,!

      The Dalai Lama aka G_D Player or Holiness aka Mr. Tenzan Guyatsu & His MONK-ARMY hath Lot’s Of Blood On His/Their Hands!! Remember The Dalai Lama’s Monk-Army Uprising iin Cambodia? Ooooppss, Myanmar?

      Imagine: If OCCUPY’rs (whether wear Burguny or Saffron colored Uniforms) are Pictured Wielding/carrying Machetes, Clubs, Molotov Cocktails, and even Guns??? NO No No Not i nor [WE]. Well, They Got News Coverage Alright. So, They are VIOLENT and thats why they got Shot. Please Do Nay/Not Be In Denial to Self or Lovy ones about Live Streams etc.

      BLOCK! BLOCK! BLOCK anything To Do With The Tibetan [Violent] BUDDHIST Movement!

  5. Tenam

    Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere – Martin Luther King Jr.. Let us stand with the Tibetans who have non-violently resisted against one of the biggest military state in the world – China, the greatest threat to peace and freedom on this planet today.

  6. Joe Hamilton

    These two movements can do so much for each other. Many of the basic demands of the Occupy Wall St. Movement have always been integral ingredients of the Tibetan Cause. Now that more and more people are awakening to the threats china poses for the whole world, it´s time to bond and send a strong message to china and it´s friends in high places that there are people simply not willing to take it anymore.


  7. katherine


    I completely support this proposal! Long live the Dalai Lama!

    Bhod Gyalo!

  8. Helen

    I fully support this proposal and think everyone in countrys who protect and are proud of their laws for human right should support as well! Please respect lives and human rights. Thank You

  9. UNT

    i am with the revolution.. long gone when i had trust in UNO….

  10. hminx

    Since Robert Thurman addressed Occupy at its inception, I’ve been a firm believer that these two movements are standing for similar things, in a similar fashion. I fully support this proposal and hope it comes to fruition.

  11. justinstoned

    Thank you for passing this tonight through complete conensus. No stand asides or Blocks. #OWS is behind the #TsampaRevolution on March 10th. 53 Years of Keeping a Movement alive, Occupy can learn alot from the Tibetans.
    Here’s the MODIFIED Solidarity Statement as passed by #NYCGA Tonight:

    #OWS Stands in Solidarity with those engaged in the 53 Year Old Non-Violent Tsampa Revolution & Call on all #Occupy friends, allies & supporters alike to join their local March 10th Tibetan Uprising Anniversary Events to raise awareness about the marginalization of the Tibetan People.