Proposal For An OWS Fundraiser Benefit Show And Overturning The Budget Freeze To Allocate Money To Finance The OWS Fundraiser Benefit Show~

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~Proposal For An OWS Fundraiser Benefit Show And Overturning The Budget
Freeze To Allocate Money To Finance The OWS Fundraiser Benefit Show~

Occupy Wall Street; the movement for change, the first movement of the people in decades to
try to create a better world, is in a place that for the first time we must make an official call to the
people; the people of this nation, the people of the world and all those who physically, verbally
or ideologically support the movement to genuinely change the world and raise the standard of
living for all of humanity.

This movement, which has grown to international proportions and is known the world over as
Occupy, has met with great success. We raised the consciousness of humanity and changed the
conversation of the people

~But this is not enough.

*Only half of our work is done.

And at this time we find ourselves at both a crossroads and precipice

Because of the crackdown and move to quell this movement and with legislation like the
National Defense Authorization Act and HR347 we find the right to free speech, the right
to assemble, the right to dissent and the right to direct the actions and course of this nation;

~and wisely was the greater portion of OWS’z remaining budget placed into the bail-fund.

Occupy Wall Street has now been left with a general fund that is between $30 and $40 thousand
dollars and is estimated will last between 2 to 5 weeks.

This movement must stand

Mitt Romney was able to generate $11.5 million dollars in the month of February and $75
million dollars to date in his campaign fundraising and none of the candidates, none of the
presented candidates are talking about nationalizing organic farms, ending homelessness,
creating social, economic and ecological balance and genuinely raising the standard of living of
humanity and all life on Earth for life that is presently here and our future generations.

But, I know one group that IS discussing these things. It is OWS. It is we the people.

And what I propose is that we create and hold a fundraiser : A benefit event for OWS.

Whether it is held indoors or outdoors, (which I personally am partial to), here at Liberty Park,
Tompkins or Washington Square Park, can be determined here and now by consensus.

Indoors we would have to rent a venue unless we are able to procure a donor of a space suitable
for the event, but again; it is my personal opinion that an indoor venue lacks the inclusivity and

ability to incorporate passersby; which an outdoor event would most certainly have.

Whether it is an indoor or outdoor event, the fundraiser will incorporate speeches, music,
performance art, the breaking of bread, conversations, education and community.

~Indoors or outdoors, the fundraiser for OWS will come under budget of $4000.00.

This amount will cover the cost of venue rental / the cost of permits, a sound system, stage,
water, marketing and any production costs with any left over money being returned to the
general fund.

It must be realized that Occupy Wall Street, this movement which has touched so many people
from all over the world, did so for a reason and it is because this movement is the embodiment of
the unification of the people in order to bring to fruition the hopes and aspirations of the people,
to create real change in this world for the betterment of all of humanity and life on Earth.
We as humanity can no longer settle when we know there is a better life on Earth to be had. It is
time for the people to stand together to take the power back and make this world what it can be.

Viva the revolution!

Long live Occupy!

F Monsanto!







Proposal by: Faith Laugier

OWS Comrade, Co-Host/Co-Producer of the OWS Radio Show on WBAI and
member of Class War

10 Responses to “Proposal For An OWS Fundraiser Benefit Show And Overturning The Budget Freeze To Allocate Money To Finance The OWS Fundraiser Benefit Show~”

  1. maura spery

    This could be first of many. Have you had a chance to do a budget yet? Cost breakdowns etc….

  2. Justin Samuels

    Good idea, Faith, this seems like a way to bring new people into OWS as well as raise for FUNDS.

  3. Trish OWS

    OWS Community,

    This occupation became an awesome manifestation because of the 99%

    who aligned themselves with a protest action to confront the abuses of Wall Street.

    The individuals who created, organized, funded and manages this action up until at least

    September 17, 2012 continues to remain unknown to the wider movement.

    It is of major importance that we as a community do not deplete the monies at our direct disposal at this

    privotal time in the movement livihood.

    DO NOT PASS this proposal, it appears to want only to lift the freeze.






  4. Yoni Miller

    We should be studying what Obama did, not Romney, because Obama has been raising more money, and he seems to be able to get away with that fact better than Romney, both of them are my role models, for our democratic horizontal movement, 😀

    Do you want to raise from scratch, the 200 million dollars that we originally started/lost from? 😉 I’m with you, my main question is, when we buy ourselves each, a Cadillac, what kind of fuel does it use?

    • sumumba

      no matter what we think of Obama he’s handsome, suits are tight and his wife and kids look great, he’s clean and polished although not totally ‘principled’ i’d rather meet him at a PTA meeting than i would ROMNEY…he knows how to role up his sleeves, shoot hoops, speak to almost anyone in their lingo and at the end of the day he’s much more polished than plastered like Romney….**AHEM** OWS we indeed can learn ALOT from Obama

  5. Jordan Soreff

    You want to fund raise without spending money – go to Tech Ops, march to Tech ops and draft a proposal to enable us to E-Mail Blast all 8,500+ members of this website and ask for money; multiple times; If we can’t get our own members to donate, why should anybody else??

    • Justin Samuels

      9000 people donated money to OWS via this website. Tech Ops could blast them with an e-mail asking for money. They wanted to send out OWS updates but accounting has insisted that they bring this proposal before the GA (probably because accounting doesn’t want funds to be raised)

  6. Trish OWS

    Think about tapping…

    BAG, OMG, and MRG to under write this…