occupyKISS Kickstarter Endorsement

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Proposal: “occupyKISS; anarchist blog from #OWS”

I am writing a book on Occupy Wall Street. I would like the GA to
endorse my kickstarter campaign to raise funds to write this book.

Currently I am trying to raise $3,000.

Basically , fund raising involves asking people to pre-order copies of
the book. I am not asking the GA for money. I am just asking for
support in my own fund raising efforts. This can come as a twitter
shout out to my kickstarter campaign, a post on facebook, or just the
passage of this proposal that states I have the support of the OWS

Although I do not speak for OWS, I hope for the community to support
my attempts to take an honest look at where we’re at as a movement.
Some of the topics I hope to cover are conversations over violent VS
non-violent tactics, anarchist VS non-anarchist methodologies,
privileged VS non-privileged activists and resource management since
the beginning of OWS.

Thank you in advance for your support. Hopefully this is the first of
many books to be written by and for the Occupy community. Our working
groups represent all of our hopes for a better world: farmers, new
economies, anti-oppression, strong women. Let’s not forget that this
better world also will need people to write it all down, lest we
overlook our triumphs or worse, not learn from our mistakes.

Yours for the revolution,

Shazz Baric

ps- below you can find a link to a preview of the kickstarter campaign

7 Responses to “occupyKISS Kickstarter Endorsement”

  1. DirekConek (aka Dallas)

    Shazz, you do know the Statement of Autonomy says we don’t do endorsements, right?

    Also, TechOps is working on some in-house online fundraising stuff, if you’re interested.

  2. Christine

    Agh yet another proposal.. first it was buy out buy in .. then it was farms which he has been asked to leave after almost ruining the entire project, then he used money from farms to buy himself a laptop which he returned after the wg agreed it was not ok.. then there was the attempt to be the delegate at DAVOS.. it just never ends..

  3. Monica McLaughlin

    The book is a great idea; however OWS is a movement. It isn’t a past movement. It is a current movement. We must grow the movement for it to succeed.

    Things like libraries and archive do not grow the movement. Neither do writing books although all of these things are fine endeavors on their own.

  4. Trish

    Proposal: “occupyKISS; anarchist blog from #OWS”

    …in-house online fundraising stuff…TechOps?

    BUT, the money needs to circulate, right…..?

    Yes, there will be many books, films, documentaries, etc.

    Stay tuned.