NYC Operational Spokes Council 03/12/2012

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Location: 220 W. 23rd St., Manhattan

Facilators: Corey and Nick
Time: Bana
Stack: Mark
Minutes: Carrie
Live tweets: Shawn
Live streamer: Steve,

Working groups in attendance, with their spoke:

Translation: Owen
Town Planning: Sean
Accounting: Ravi
Direct Action: Becky
Media: Justin W
Anti-Racism Allies: Heather
Library: Frances
Archives: Christine
Safer Spaces: Lynn
DAP: Shawn
Queer Caucus: Justin
Facilitation: Daniel
Class War: Anthony
PR: Dwayne
PAI: Yoni
Bike Coalition: Mandolin


Proposal from “NYCGA Council” (Trish): Ban Robert (Town Planning, etc) from Spokes Council Meetings

Facilitation (F) starts by reading a portion of the Community Agreement
F reviews hand signals
F: We have one proposal on the agenda and the proposer is not here yet.


For the week of March 7, we have:
In the bank account: $107,303.90
Bail Cash on hand: $10,000.00
Budget Cash on hand: $2,262.85
Total: $119,566.75
Of which:
Bail: $89,029.99
General Fund: $30,536.76
At  our current rate of expenditure, we have two weeks of recurring budgets remaining. A detailed report will be posted on the Accounting site tomorrow. Accounting would like to remind you if you need money in next two weeks, let us know. Also, if you have ideas of how to use money, let’s talk about it. In that last week, we will not have enough money for recurring costs, so GA and/or Spokes will have to decide how to dole out the cash.

This is not really related to Archives, but 14 people were arrested in Atlanta shutting down banks today. They need bail money. They have a WePay. They are asking to raise $25,000. They have $5,000 right now.

We had a meeting today and decided instead of having meetings every Monday, we will replace them with weekly outreach actions. 6:30 pm on Mondays, meet at the Atrium, and we will go out to flier, have marches, parades, etc.

Bike Coalition:
We are taking donations for bikes. If you have resources, let us know. Every Tuesday is Bike Solidarity day, free bike repairs 12-2, then meetings at 99 S. 6th St. in Brooklyn, at  the TimesUp space. Also trying to split Metrocard budget into giving money to bikes, but haven’t been able to get through OWS GA bureaucracy. If you get a Metrocard and would rather your money go toward bikes, be vocal about that.

Point of Information (POI): According to the spending freeze proposal that passed, we can only spend money on recurring costs already in place before the freeze, and we can’t change them, like putting money toward bikes instead of Metrocards.

Shipping, Inventory, and Storage (SIS):
New hours: Open 10 am to 7 pm Mon-Fri, 10-3 on weekends. If you have special arrangements like an action, you can contact them through the e-mail listed on the website about getting in and out until 9 in evening, and as early as 9 in the morning. We have a pool of tables that we are able to check out of SIS, so if you need to use them, contect SIS or Town Planning. There is some space within SIS if working groups (WGs) need it. And they have started a new craft library, paints, chalk, etc., but could use donations of other materials, like house paint for banners.
Also, there is an action on Wednesday. Mitt Romney, Mr. 1%, is trying to buy his way to a presidency, and he’s showing up in NYC to get checks handed to him by large corporate Wall Street donors. Will be having action outside the Waldorf Astoria, 11 am Wed at 51st and Park. If you can show up, will be there two hours, across the street from the hotel. They will not be in violation of HR 347. (laughter)

They encourage WGs to check NYCGA for events. Tons of events going on. Also working on making 1/4 fliers for WGs. If you want to do outreach, talk to them. They are bringing back street teams. They could use help come May 1.

6:30-9 will be a continuation of what was formerly known as “grievance council process” meetings at the Quaker House in Brooklyn.

Every week there is a meeting of the Tweetboat, the social media arm of the Media WG. Tues, 9 pm at Yippie Cafe, tweet, talk about social media and how to get the word out about OWS and actions. It’s at 9 pm so you can still go to the GA and come after.
Also, OccupyTVNY is pumping out great videos. Check out the NYCGA page. Livestream is going, as always. So many actions in the next couple weeks. If you want livestream at an action, reach out to them either through the Global Revolution listserv or NYCGA web contact info. The more in advance you can tell them, the better.
Lots of projects, is looking for submissions for the website. Also involved with and is planning to launch this weekend. Also looking for content if you have videos, photos, articles, etc. So much happening.

They heard back from Occupy Sunset Park and Rev. Samuel Cruz of Trinity Lutheran Church has given space for the next Operation Book Bomb Tucson book drive. They will be getting back with dates. Hoping to do it Sun, April 1 right after the Spanish services, maybe at 12:30. Will get details out ASAP. Frances wont be able to be there, so if you want to come help out, come see Frances.

Town Planning:
The MRG is trying to buy a building or something for office space. Town Planning has been working on this, too, and also a space for GA. They are hoping to bring it before GA soon and if this is going to happen for us, we want to have input about where it is. We don’t like them making autonomous decisions for us.
Also, they have heard that in East New York, 702 Vermont has had tools and generator disappear. If you have any information on this, tet them know.

Class War:
They are doing a lot of fun actions. They made a house out of cardboard in the park today, police threatened to take it down, so they moved it elsewhere. They had an impromptu march. Police followed them but didn’t do anything. They went into a bank and the cops asked if they had a problem, they said, “Yes, you!” (laughter) Also, come to the park!

Direct Action:
Meetings on Saturdays at 1 pm usually at Judson for logistical and outreach breakouts. MayDay meetings on Saturdays every week, and they will be proposing discussion about May Day at General Assemblies. Every other Sunday will be action affinity Spokes. Location TBA. Go to for details.
To get on the May Day cell loop: text OWS MAYDAY to 23559, the ComHub number. There will be marches leading up to MayDay every Friday, 2 pm on Wall Street. Pacer training, march to Wall Street, improv street theater bloc, then a potluck. This week’s theme is “spring training.”
Thursday: There’s a kickoff action for the Fight Back campaign to take down BofA, because we really can, there are concrete ideas for how we can do this. We will be doing living-rooming.

Tomorrow there’s a BBQ at 702 Vermont. People are welcome to come have a conversation about what’s going on. There will be cleaning, gardening, a notebook-making workshop with neighbors, etc.

OWS en Espanol:
This week, they will be at GA in the Bronx. In the next week, they will be at the assembly at 60 Wall.

[Because Trish, the proposer of the only agenda item, is still not in attendance]

Queer Caucus: Marginalization through scheduling — lots of groups double-book events. Figuring out how we can work closer togther on scheduling. For instance, Wednesdays are MayDay meetings and Spokes.

Town Planning: Building a budget

Class Warfare: Partial reoccupation, like being at the park throughout the day. If we are there, if we make our presence felt, we escalate better toward May 1 and get more allies.

Library:  Concerns about NYCGA site that people can just post whatever they want as a proposal and don’t have guidelines in places for how we deal with that.

DA: Have a conversation about May 1. There are lots of WGs that don’t come to the DA meetings, and they’d like to help us all get plugged in.

PR: Propose that we read the Declaration of Occupation today.

Bike Coalition: To have a conversation about how to divert money into bikes because the GA was like “fuck yeah we want bikes,” but Accounting makes it impossible.

[Facilitation tries to temp check these various proposed discussion topics, but a few violent, vocal disruptors come in and commence yelling at everyone. After some time of trying to deal with this commotion, Facilitation steps down and declares the meeting over. The live-tweeter and livestreamer also walk out. End of meeting.]

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