NYC Operational Spokes Council 03/05/2012

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Location: staff analysts union

Facilitation: daniel & habiba
Stack: david
time: mark
Vibes: Justin
minutes: Corey

Wg reportbacks: translation, info, town planning, facilitation, empowerment of education, fibre arts, housing, accounting, anti-racism allies

Extended reportback: Christina & Angela
Re: grievance council
Meeting as affinity group every other Friday
-community  justice models (transformative & restorative)
-continuing to find a plan that works
-teach-ins, long-term preventative measures

Discussion: Marisa, Tashy, Nicole
Re: power & resources
Breakouts with working groups

Discussion: Sean (town planning)
Stacked discussion

Ben: issue #2 of tidal came out today
Mark: 3/19, anniversary of war with Iraq action @ 5pm in times square
Steve: interested in citizen journalism? Come talk to me.
Mark: POC & labor outreach 6 Harrison St, Wed: 6-8:30pm
Jo: occupy the mail, support the USPS with pen pals
Marisa: invited to London with BBC
Charlie: unemployment line action, bull to union square, 3/6, meet by 8am

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