NYC Operational Spokes Council 02/29/2012 (Summary)

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Audio Recording

Location: Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends 110 Shemerhorn, Brooklyn, NY

Facilitation: Anthony and Zach

Stack: David

Time: Marsha

Minutes: Corey

Vibes: Justin

Livestreamer: Chepe

Working Groups in Attendance: Town Planning, Housing, Anti-Racism,  Outreach, Facilitation, De-escalation, OWS Espanol, Occucopy, Fund Hub, Library, Class War, Minutes, D.A.,

Working Group Report Backs: Frances (Library), Daniel (facilitation), Mark (de-escalation), Sean (town planning), Justin (info), Chepe (Occucopy), Stan (POC/Housing), Edwin (OWS Espanol), Mark (Direct Action), Anthony (Occupy All Streets), Chyno (Queer Caucus), Yuri (Fund Hub)


  1. Discussion: Take all $ making decisions out of GA (DA):  Brought by Mark from D.A.  Marisa originally brought it as a proposal and it did not pass.  It will be brought again to GA, this is just a discussion. Open discussion, not just spokes.
  2. Discussion: Nuts and bolts of making a budget (Town Planning): Brought by Sean from Town Planning. In response to previous night’s GA proposal from Haywood that got tabled. Open discussion, not just spokes.

End of meeting.


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