Move the NYCGA from Liberty Plaza (backup: 60 Wall) to Union Square

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Proposal to move the NYCGA officially from Liberty Plaza (backup: 60 Wall) to Union Square for the foreseeable future.


Proposer: Bill Livsey

10 Responses to “Move the NYCGA from Liberty Plaza (backup: 60 Wall) to Union Square”

    • DirekConek (aka Dallas)

      1) Most regular participants have been congregating at Union Square since the police riot at Liberty on M17

      2) Due to circumstances I don’t see a need to repeat in detail again,. people aren’t getting Metrocards from OWS

      3) This means they don’t necessarily have a way of getting from Union Square to Liberty Plaza and back 3x a week (or home to Union to Liberty to home or Union again if they have a permanent place to stay)

  1. sumumba

    love u bruh but NOT in favor of this one…i think we are STILL OCCUPY WALL STREET….not all or I feel even most folks who are now at Union Square are part of the WORK for OWS and with all the traffic there i can’t see how we’d get any business done…but whateva…the GA is just about dead to me anyway,…

    • DirekConek (aka Dallas)

      I dunno, the north side of the park is pretty quiet at night. Agree that the steps on the south side would not work for a large meeting at all.

  2. Diane Moxley

    I mean no disrespect to the occupiers at Union Square, but I prefer to Occupy Wall Street, and therefore I prefer the 60 Wall/Liberty Square location. The other benefit of the 60 Wall/Liberty Square option is that in case of rain we have a back up location, I don’t think we would have that at Union Square, but I could be wrong.

  3. sumumba

    dont apologize Diane cause although i agree with u completely…our disagreeing with Union Square is our right…we dont all have to agree on everything and we do we shoudn’t feel we are being some disrespectful either…i’ve seen a ‘GA’ get shut down at Union Square cuz many folks who weren’t even part of OWS didnt want to have it in ‘their space’…and ive seen EVEN when we had the park there was a ‘GENERAL UNION’ that didnt want to do GA’s either….i feel there’s a element in that park who feels the same…but if we do have a successful series of GA’s i will be glad to be proven wrong…

  4. Sally Marks

    I just find it peculiarly odd that ‘Liberty Park’ is being abandoned by so many, coincidentally once the money faucet went dry (almost to the day). I recall some months ago how feverishly all stated the Liberty was the center of it all and would ever be abandoned. I guess a lovely spring day was not considered an eventuality.

    Stay strong, Sumumba and Diane!

    • Diane Moxley

      we are definitely going through some changes right now, I hope we can unify and then grow. Right now ai feel that we are shrinking and dividing, I hope we can figure this part out and get back on the same page.

  5. Trish

    Hi All…

    Just witness an occupier arrested at Union Square, don’t know the details, viewed the outrageous deed

    from Whole Foods (second fl eating area).

    Will say in regard to this proposal, NOT A WELL THOUGHT OUT IDEA, my opinion, but…I know Union Square…

    the politics of…and it would be a never ending story of trying to get a toe into the community…in the end we would not be

    doing the movement justice.

    We will be confusing our message, and possibly presenting ourselves as not knowing what the…., we want to occupy.

    The world recognizes WALL STREET, the world does not know Union Square and know what we as a movement

    accomplished by occupying Zuccotti Park.

    In closing, in a confrontation of any kind…one does not defeat, over come, subdue, gain ground, etc…..

    and then go on to forfeit, disregard, or distance oneself from it.

    We are making it very difficult for the wider public domain to locate OWS, because OWS can not decide where it should

    be headquartered.

    NYCGA, Always Zuccotti Park, with 60 Wall S and 100 William Street as backup…

    (An OWS Wall Street Occupation)


  6. Trish


    The Anarchist Forum topics have been removed from The GA working Groups’ web site.

    Why is this? These topics are valid conversation items which are being discussed by the community.

    Many of the occupiers in positions of influence within OWS are anarchist, we have had proposals to..

    introduce this philosophy within the movement.

    This is not a well thought out move and undermines what OWS’s Principles of Solidarity.

    The GA working group will not allow this or any other issue of political philosophy to be deleted or withheld from the OWS

    community without NYC General Assembly Consensus.