Formation of the Revolutionary Games Working Group

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Revolutionary Games Working Group

Mission Statement: We are a collective that builds creative, revolutionary, and non-violent games online and in public spaces everywhere.

The Revolutionary Games Collective, created at the beginning of 2012, would like to have a new working group page on the website. The collective includes at least 25 people and meets every Friday at 12pm at Yippie Cafe on Bleecker Street. We’ve been organizing global game campaigns such as Giamarchy and Bed In/Out for the last two months.

Our purpose is to lower the bar of advocacy, activism, and revolution. We create our games (and invite others to create their own games), promote them online and in person, and invite others to play along. We believe revolution without fun is no revolution at all.

Revolutionary Games would like to have a group on the NYCGA site to be able to promote conversation, collaboration, events and meetings.

3 Responses to “Formation of the Revolutionary Games Working Group”

  1. DirekConek (aka Dallas)

    *Makes stern American Gothic face*

    But, but , but… this will undermine us totally…. it’s unacceptable, I say! We have to show everyone that we’re respectable because we’re so seriously serious about being serious, goshdarnit!


    Seriously, *twinkles*!

  2. Marat Roux

    we think this is a fruitful idea… funding or not, this is something that is being done, although they wouldn’t admit they are playing games, and as we all know, games can be the most serious of things when roles allow us… power games, the heart of S and M… and beyond that tired game forward towards future games… while we are not near, we would still like to contribute some game ideas… identity and Guattari… role shuffling… is the GA role shuffling? One could learn a lot from a place called La Border Clinque or even by applying some of the methods experimented with by Guattari, Felix, albeit seemingly borrowed from Burroughs Cut Up Method… desire must be dealt with, as someone pointed out, in this occupy situation egos and peoples desires are projected onto the movement, but is this not part of the process… this is a process

  3. Marat Roux

    we would also like to propose a faint idea of something called the Red Game… the Red game plays out the tragic reality of factionalization over an idea, this is the cultural revolution of Chairman Mao that I speak of… if you know, you know that children occupied a school, torturing the other whom where not ‘true’ occupy… i mean Maoists… a lesson to be learned