Establishment of the Queer OWS Working Group

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The LGBTIQA2Z Caucus at OWS has been going through many changes lately, in trying to figure out how to better serve and reach out to our community. As part of this, we have decided to create a new structure for ourselves, letting the caucus focus on its functions as defined by OWS, and creating a new working group for LGBTQ issues. We have been working under this structure for the past few weeks, and we seek approval of the GA to make the arrangement official.
The caucus will focus on representing our community at the spokes council, and on running social and other events within OWS to support occupiers. The working group will focus on education, outreach, and action that interfaces with the larger community both outside and inside OWS.

The mission statement for the working group follows:
Queer OWS seeks to eradicate oppression, marginalization, and economic injustice based on sexual orientation and gender identity through, outreach, education, and direct action.

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