Creation of the Meeting of the Minds Working Group

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Meeting of the minds 2
Is a group intend to create mass action with in OWS.

Meet ing of the minds encourage groups to agree so OWS can move forward on a larger scale.

Meeting of the mind objective is to have mass action push though GA,to spokes counsel,to direct action at least ones a month.
Reason for meeting of the minds
There are people that don’t get along and at ga a lot of good ideas are block for this reason.I feel it’s good to have different opinions and debates that how everyone get a say ,I don’t want to take that away from GA.I also feel sometime the fighting and different opinion can bring the process of the movement to a complete stop.Meeting of the mind will serves as a mechanism to insure that this will not happen.Even if people can’t get along the super group will still be moving on a large scale.

11 Responses to “Creation of the Meeting of the Minds Working Group”

  1. sumumba

    in the past many movements required its members to go through a period of political education

  2. sumumba

    seems like this is one of the things this movement is LACKING

  3. James Sanders

    @sumumba So how is this going by chance? =) Sorry I’m not in NYC..I’d turn out for this =)

  4. Cynthia Price

    Cant wait for Saturday, I will be there, my proposal was similar tonight. The G.A. has been hijacked by kids who think OWS is about “their community” and Actions against our Government should be a working group and not part of the G.A.’s and really not what they are interested in. Wow! They dont get the last revolution of people going to jail to protest their brothers getting blown up in Vietnam. I dont think this movement was started for indefinete metro cards and g.a.’s to discuss bikes for a few “connected” individuals. Its splitting our movemement apart.

    • Monica McLaughlin

      @cynprice, I understand exactly what you mean. For some, the movement has arrived. They feel no need to change things, because they have created their own OWS society — a place where they are comfortable. They vote to spend money on things that benefit them — improve on their insular society rather than voting to spend money on movement growth.

  5. Hermes C Liberty (Abu)

    Three things ough be a …MUST for any OWS member:
    Because ultimately this is what will create a Reel Movement. This is our Political and Practical Education field, Self-Education if necessary.
    Our hidden Enemies are about to succeed in pushing us Repudiate and Deface our First Decision Making body, the GA that many (ususlly for objective but not well criticized reasons) prefer to skip. Let’us not do it. Conscious Militantism; the Love and Respect of our Institutions should command us to REVERE< RESPECT and at times FIND SOLUTIONS for our GA to be revitalized rather than running from it. WHOEVER disrespects the GA disrespects OWS and the Occupy movement, helping by it our smart evil Enemies!
    3)STAND FOR TRUTH AND TRANSPARENCY, DIRECT DEMOCRACY and learn to be patient because consensus which is based on valuing the group (OWS interests) rather than oneself or limited friends, can work only WHEN OUR MIND SET IS CHANGED TOWARDS THIS TREND: THE GROUP INTEREST.

    • Monica McLaughlin

      I aree with most of what you say; however, I am no fan of Direct Democracy. Perhaps it is good in theory, but in practice it just doesn’t work. Who has the time and energy to attend 4 GAs a week that often run into the we hours?

      • Justin Samuels

        @monjon22 That’s just it Monica. Arguably, the GAs aren’t representative of occupiers, because those who live further away, who work, who go to school, or who otherwise have other things going on aren’t represented that well at them for the reasons you just mentioned.

        • Monica McLaughlin

          @johndoe79, I do not see how any logical person could see the GA voting system as inclusive and fair yet some insist that it is. Perhaps these people feel that their own voices are heard in the GA and maybe it is the first time they have felt that their voices have been heard and these people assume that everyone can experience that same feeling as they do. Sometimes it is not so easy to view the world from another’s perspective.

          It is unrealistic to expect that everyone can spend all those hours day after day in GA meetings. And can you imagine if everyone did show up to vote and discuss? Each GA would take 12 hours or more!